Sushi Yasuda in NYC

Sushi, sushi, and more sushi.  I have been in a rut lately – a rut that I am not complaining about one bit.  On a special occasion recently my love and I had the chance to dine at Sushi Yasuda in New York.

I learned about the restaurant during Japanese class at Japan Society.  Sensei used a list of great Japanese establishments in the city as a way to teach us how to say phone numbers.  And on that list, yes you guessed it, this sushi-ya. The next step was finding the place.  It is on a very unassuming street in the business district by Grand Central Terminal.  And the signage for the restaurant is even more unassuming.

what to look for to find sushi yasuda's storefront


The restaurant is sharp.  Floor to ceiling bamboo wraps you in an inviting warmth.  The sake selection was OK.  I give the sushi a 4 out of 5.  It is good, very good, but I have been spoiled.  They lost a point for portion sizes (very small nigiri) and the rice more than anything.  It had a bit too much bite for my liking.  But I know a lot of people like that so do be sure to try it yourself.

sushi and sake at sushi yasuda


There was something kinda cute on their website.  Looks like they sell some sushi oriented origami as souvenirs.

sushi yasuda origami

Sweet Dreams, Sheri





H Mart – Korean Grocery

Recently, H Mart, a Korean grocery store, opened in Hartsdale, NY.  This adds another great Asian fixture to the Westchester community.  Daido is an absolute must for Japanese staples and Kam Sen has a good mix but is predominately focused on Chinese delicacies.

I have to thank two of my colleagues at work who both came into the office over the past few weeks raving, “Sheri has to go to H Mart, she will love it.”  This was followed by, “I can’t believe all the free samples.”  So it sounded as if my friends left the store with full carts and full stomachs.  Having stopped in on Saturday, I totally see why.

First there were noodles …

… then some pancakes …

… next was pickled side dishes …  literally every isle had something to snack on!

H Mart had a pretty large selection of live fish and even a plethora of various frozen fish balls.  We brought home live crabs, oysters, some fish to grill, and some uni for an afternoon treat.

We also picked up one of H Mart’s loyalty cards which will help with both of Life’s Sweet Essentials – Food & Money.

Are you hungry?

Sweet Dreams, Sheri