Sweetie’s Challenge: Kodona & Ouji Style

When your better half says to you, “can you make me a men’s lolita outfit,” you know you have found true love. Well, I already knew that. But was tickled pink that the boy wants to dress up too! Then the panic set in. I have never made anything but women’s fashion. Um, now what do I do?

18th century rococo kodona ouji style

First things first was to hit Google and search everything I could think of: kodona, ouji, 18th century menswear, rococo clothing, and boy lolita (which I should have known would bring up Ouran Host Club.) Then the fear grew even stronger. Are my sewing skills up to this? Sure I can whip up some below the knee breeches; piece of cake. Vest, or waistcoat, yeah I think I can manage that. The coat, that is going to mean some serious tailoring skills. Forget about the blouse maybe just the jabot/cravat…

akira the queen of kodona style

dear celine kodona sewing patterns

This Dear Celine coordinate is going to be my jumping off point. I like that it is a vest that combines the idea of a traditional waistcoat and coat into one. Found a few sewing patterns that might be helpful. I can edit once I have a good foundation to play with. Which means my next stop is the fabric store!

Butterick: Dickens & Colonial  |  Laughing Moon Mercantile  |  Burda

P.S. How is it that after all these years I only realized now that Eddie Munster wore a Little Lord Fauntleroy coordinate?!?!