Remake: Pastel Sailor Moon Luna Jean Jacket

diy sailor moon jean jacket remake

I like so many other die hard fans am jumping for joy at the release of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal this July. Sailor Moon got me through the tedious last days of college and gave me strength when first setting out on my career. While I had seen other anime from Japan this was the first to steal my heart. To celebrate the new release I wanted to make something – anything – to show my support. I opened up my box of Moonie goodies collected over the years and had a brainstorm. What about a decorated jean jacket?

embellish the back with lace and seed beads

sailor moon stars handkerchief diy

Yes, I cut up one of my many Sailor Moon handkerchiefs. I have some fabric but the print just wasn’t right. So I took a very deep breath, placed my ruler carefully following a pattern I made and put the rotary blade down. Swoosh, no going back. Which I am totally cool with because the end result is awesome. The back had such a strong impact with the color of the Luna backpack that the front needed something punchy to create balance.

sailor moon luna stick pin and stars patch

luna cat pink and purple jacket

I think the jacket is still missing something. Have been debating making the sleeves shorter, adding a small red bow below Sailor Moon on the front, and maybe mixing in more beads here and there. I don’t want it to go over the top, but want to push it a little more.

What do you think?

ConnectiCon 2013

lolita horns headress connecticon 2013

Whilst I have a pause in sewing until the weekend, thought I’d take a short detour with today’s post.  A few weekends ago I made my way up to Hartford to attend ConnectiCon.  I am certainly no expert on conventions but this one was not too small and not too big.  Really quite fun.  I am still just blown away by the creativity and energy everyone pours into their coordinates.  As much as I enjoyed the cosplay I admit I was drawn to this one for the swap meet and seeing friends.

Here are some random snaps from the day.  Most of my time was spent in the Lolita 101 Panel, the Lolita Swap Meet, and then time wandering around Artist Alley and the Dealers Room.  Check out my review of Tasty Peach Studios as well – best booth at the Con!

lolita swap meet victoria suzanne parfaitdollParfaitDoll at the Swap Meet
moco moco stars kawaii accessoriesMoko Moko Star Facinators
sugary carnival top hat lolita boothSugary Carnival Tophat
kawaii plush toys dealers roomPastel Plushies in Pearls
sailor moon pillow cases Sailor Moon Pillow Cases
lolita kneesLolita Knees {photo by Grace}
grace looking good in kodona boy styleGrace
doctor who weaping angels cosplayWeeping Angels
connecticon 2013 rose queen best cosplayQueen of the Con

Checkout Lolita and the City’s posts for great photos of all the lolitas and a recap of the weekend.