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Candy Shoppe Black & Pink T-Shirt

made by me cutsew t-shirt blouse

Building on my Candy Shoppe Girl challenge, last weekend I finished a cutsew top.  This t-shirt pulls many of the same ideas and shares fabric from its sister dress from the previous weekend.  Where it differs mostly is that it … Continue reading

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Candy Shoppe Cutsew Onepiece Dress

harajuku inspired jersey dress

The past 3 weeks I was swallowed up in an unexpected blur of busy busy work, I put my foot down last weekend and devoted 2 solid days to fun.  “Candy Shoppe Girl” is the result.  I have wanted to … Continue reading

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Harajuku Holiday Sew-a-thon

Cutsew Dress Thumbnail

I have a creative job working in digital marketing, but I like to dabble in more traditional crafts in my spare time.  It is such a rush making something by hand that you can use.  Taking advantage of the long … Continue reading

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