It’s Back! Domino Magazine

I was attending business meetings at Condé Nast last week.  The staff are really amazing, warm, and smart.  Have to admit that I was a bit star struck being there.  Their content has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.

When we were about to depart after the meeting they gave us all a little treat for the commute back to the suburbs – the new edition of Domino.

I can remember vividly when Domino disappeared from the magazine stands.  It was the number one go-to for fueling my passion on Life’s Sweet Essential #3 – Shelter.  This might sound too dramatic, but it was like losing a friend. The articles were always spot on, modern, and accessible for those with either a small or large budget to play with.

The Quick Fixes special edition doesn’t disappoint.  And a surprising treat, it is incredibly sparse on advertising (only 3 pages one of which is the back cover) and that means, from cover-to-cover, it is chock full of rich content.

  • The “Makeover Manual” (page 11) has an awesome project for crafting a wooden shelf as a radiator topper.  And if you too have rented as many pre-war apartments as I have, I am certain you will appreciate this trick.
  • Would love to copy cat the Chanel logo artwork (page 25).  It is the star of the show in a very impressive way to hide a big air conditioner eyesore.
  • Well and then there is the spread on dressing up desks (in particular pages 80-81 shown above).  If only my desk looked that posh.  The crown topper pencils are to die for!  So sweet.

Have you picked up your copy yet?

Sweet Dreams, Sheri