Project Update: Yukata Ribbons

detachable yukata kimono bowsTraditional yukata fabric is like sewing through butter.  Seriously, it is really great quality which makes it such a pleasure to work with. Busting at the seams with excitement on this project.  Monday night I attached one of the sleeves to the bodice.  I’ll wait to post photos of the finished blouse.  Last night I made one of two detachable bows.

Making bows and ribbons is a form of meditation for me.  It is a total stress reliever.  They are super easy to make and there are infinite possibilities for how to dress them up.  Lace, ribbon, beads, mix-n-match fabric…

yukata ribbon wa lolita coordinate

Years ago a shopping bag had this blue and white ribbon for handles.  The ribbon is a very good quality grosgrain and I just knew that I could upcycle it someday.  It matches beautifully with the indigo dye of the yukata fabric.

The bow is made up of 4 pieces of fabric.  I sewed 2 rectangles together and then the other 2 together.  By leaving a small opening at the bottom they can be turned right side out.  After a good pressing with the iron, I next attached a very thin cluny lace to just one of the rectangles.  I really want this yukata coordinate to have an understated cuteness instead of a heavy over-the-top feel.  A little bit of lace goes a long way.

detachable ribbon pin back yukata fabric

I then folded the middle of the bow until I liked the final shape.  Wrapping the shopping bag ribbon around the middle and adding a few quick stitches by hand holds the whole piece together.  Final step was to add a pin back so that the bow can be taken on and off of the yukata.  This will make it easy to press the blouse after laundering.  Plus, you can move the bows around.  I am not sure if I want to place them on the bottom or the top of the sleeves.  We will have to wait and see.