Fashion Show: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright 2105 NYC

So excited about this post!!! My first real video to share with everyone. I’ll tell you more about Waku Waku another day. I want to cut right to the chase – the Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Fashion Show. It was simply fantastic!! See for yourself:

I have two favorites from the show – the new Halloween print of a nightmare candy factory and the new heart apron in a mix of red and white. Adorable. Plus so many ouji looks!!!!!! Must say that Milky Train is growing on me. Never really paid much attention to it, but you know, boy style. I almost melted when Yani waves Kuma Kumya chan’s hands. But what I want more than anything is the cape Yura wears in the final look. My need is strong.

Music: Bright Trance Night

Fashion Show: Acryl agitt with Matenrou Opera bassist yo

My taste swings to the sweet side of things, but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate other J-Fashion styles. Former h.NAOTO chief designer, Daisuke Ichikawa, put on a superb show at AnimeNEXT. Distressed fabrics and tough attitudes along side neko mimi and pearls combined to make what I can only describe as fancy punk. The coordinates for the girls were both pretty and edgy. The guys sported jackets that were tailored perfectly for country club life were it not for the bold spray painted stencil details.

acryl agitt fashion show animenext 2014

acryl agitt matenrou opera yo

Bassist Yo of the visual kei band Matenrou Opera modeled along with many local amateurs. Yo has modeled for Acryl agitt in the past in Japan however this was his first apperance modeling in the US.

acryl agitt runway mens fashion

acryl agitt mens fashion animenext

kitsy acryl agitt fashion show animenext 2014

THE Greatfull Flat Duel Jewel Natsuki

stephanie modeling in acryl agitt fashion show

acryl agitt punk street visual kei fashion

visual kei opera yo bassist acryl agitt

acryl agitt designer daisuke ichikawa

I couldn’t keep count how many coordinates made their way down the catwalk. Truly an impressive number of pieces and models. Not only did the clothing make an impression but the make up was delectable.

Fashion Show: Galaxxxy with Kimura U

AnimeNEXT might be tiny by con standards, but it brings in the talent when it comes to J-Fashion. The convention wasn’t very good at organizing the line to get in or at being prompt about starting on time, but the show was awesome. I debated not going this year but then they announced that Kimura U was going to be the guest model and that sealed the deal.

My beau and I were able to snag not just front row seats, but the two seats right at the end of the catwalk. Couldn’t have been better! So without further ado here are some of the snaps I captured from the show. Hope you enjoy it.

galaxxxy rocks fashion show 2014-summer

kimura u modeling galaxxxy watermelon skirt at animenext

creamy mami papillon rose galaxxxy fashion

galaxxxy star brat see through one piece pastel

Have to pause here. This was my favorite コデ (coordinate.) I love her hair and the pastels. But what I like is that somehow this look is posh, cute, and quirky all at the same time. The silver high heal necklace gives elegance to the look while the high top trainers make it casual. And the Wonder Woman cuff bracelets – awesome!!!

jurassic panic X galaxxxy collaboration 80's pastel

galaxxxy bitchie barbie shorts and sweatshirt

space sick chameleon jacket by galaxxxy

neon duck tank top by galaxxxy tokyo fashion

kimura u kokokim galaxxxy poodle gangs

I love that these shows give local fashion fans the chance to model. At the same time it must be so hard for them. They have little-to-no time to prep and rehearse. I think everyone did a really great job! My only critique is that the amateurs need to take more time in their poses. Its probably just nerves getting the best of them, I did a lot of theater in my youth so know how your heart goes doki-doki on stage. But some of the girls were so fast all I could get was blurs.  Squirel

Lolita Fashion: Costume or Culture?

misako aoki lolita panel nyc japan society

On Wednesday, the Japan Society provided the NY Lolita Community with a precious gift. They showered us with a panel, fashion show, and meet and greet with the one and only Misako Aoki. Not even an ice storm could keep our EGL gals and guys away. The topic of the panel was Lolita Fashion: Costume or Culture? I prefer the later, thank you. Here is a quick breakdown of the details:

  • Gwynn Galitzer of Dirty Bird Production, moderator
  • Former Kawaii Ambassador Misako Aoki, panelist
  • Carolyn Dee author of FYeah Lolita, panelist
  • Christina Gleason author of Ramble Rori, panelist
  • Baby, the Stars Shine Bright, fashion show

The Panel Discussion

lolita lecture panelist christina and carolyn of rufflecon

Most panels on Lolita fashion stick to the “101” facts. This panel didn’t deviate much from that script. But what I enjoyed most was to hear Misako, Christina and Caro talk about what is currently on trend. In particular a return to more classic-style coordinates instead of sweet-style dominating the scene. The longer style of dresses in particular being the new and very popular option. Misako also mentioned that she is very fond of the long and flowy trumpet sleeves right now. For example, Baby’s Labyrinth in the Reminiscent Mirror Flower Lace Blouse or on their Doll Coronet Aria Onepiece.

misako aoki discussion trumpet sleeves in lolita trends

misako aoki discussing lolita fashion in new york

And if you can believe it, Misako flew to NY from Tokyo in her coordinate. Bonnet, petticoat, uh huh. Yep she is the real deal.

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Fashion Show

After the Q&A panel there was a mini fashion show featuring eight looks from Baby, the Stars Shine Bright and Alice and the Pirates. While the wedding coordinate is always greeted with oohhs and aahhs. This time it was the pirate boots and hat that accompanied the look Kitsy modeled which attracted the most attention.



tanya - tаня






misako's fashion show

misako aoki

Sweet Dreams,

P.S. If you haven’t already, be sure to get your tickets for RuffleCon, the first Northeastern USA convention dedicated entirely to Japanese alternative fashion.

12 Feb Update:  Japan Society posted a video of the lecture to their website.  Be sure to check it out.

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Baby the Stars Shine Bright Fashion Show – Part 2

baby the stars shine bright animenext show

“Since I was a child, I was always genuinely happy to see girls wearing clothes with frills and lace, looking like princesses and feeling cute and pretty.  I developed BABY, THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT to make clothes with that at their heart.” That is the quote from Akinori Isobe, the CEO of BTSSB, which adorned Anime Next’s website and was the call to action for East Coast lolita’s.  So without further ado, here is the Baby runway show!

Baby the Stars Shine Bright

baby nanairo prism sweet alice

Nanairo Prism ♪ Sweet Alice (なないろプリズム♪アリスちゃん柄) in Saxe Blue

wiz me over the rainbow jumper-skirt

Wiz Me Over the Rainbow in Red

baby fashion show victoria suzanne parfaitdoll

twin juicy baby love love berries

Twinning Juicy Baby Love Love Berries in Mint and Ivory

some day of ranunculus lycia

Some Day of Ranunculus (ある日のラナンキュラス柄) in Lavender

btssb blooming fairy doll pink

Blooming Fairy Doll in Pink

la robe vert clair royal bow

la robe vert clair echarpe butterfly crown

La Robe Vert Clair (collaboration with Midori-chan)

baby the stars shine bright wedding gown

Wedding Onepiece

After the show the designers both joined the stage to take a bow.  And the show concluded with Isobe-san and the designers taking a session of Q&A.

baby the stars shine bright fashion show models

baby designer masumi kano

Masumi Kano, Designer

baby designer saki tachibana

Saki Tachibana, Designer

q&a with isobe-san of baby the stars shine bright


Baby the Stars Shine Bright Fashion Show – Part 1

welcome to the btssb fashion show

The ever lovely Grace braved a 3 hour train ride then joined me for another hour and half by car to make it down to AnimeNext on Saturday.  We were determined to see the Baby the Stars Shine Bright fashion show.  Well worth the journey.  The show was stunning.  Best of all, I love that the models are locals (mostly) from the J-Fashion scene in the Tri-State area.  Real girls with a real love for lolita.  That passion resonated on stage.

Somehow our loli-posse managed to score front row seats.  Yay!  Not so yay is the bad hair day and derp face I was making.  I look like a granny in a bow ( ̄へ ̄)

btssb fashion show front row seats

Now on to the show!  The show kicked off with Alice and the Pirates and concluded with Baby.  And who better to make the first grand entrance other than MC Melod¥ Doll herself!

Alice and the Pirates

mermaid in the jewelry box

Mermaid in the Jewelry Box (宝石箱のマーメイド柄) in Cream

ap trump alice onepiece

Trump Alice in Saxe Blue

ap clockwork aristo kitty

Clockwork Aristo Kitty (時計じかけのおすましキャット柄) in Black

ap white rabbit salopette

White Rabbit Salopette (時計うさぎのサロペット) in Camel

ginger doll jumper skirt and cape

Ginger Doll (ジンジャードール) in Black

alice and the pirates mens clothing

albert jacket and lace noir dress

Albert Jacket (アルバートジャケット) and Lace Noir Dress (レースノワールドレス) in Black

That concludes the Alice and the Pirates runway.  Will continue with the Baby runway in Part 2.