Tokyo Spring Trends: Gingham

min plume, emily temple cute, spinns and poco a poco gingham fashion itemsank rouge, spinns, and dazzlin gingham options for spring

Trends like vacations are points in time. You have to enjoy them while they last. And this Spring I am so enamored by the fashion and brands that surrounded us while in Tokyo. Just had to pay tribute to it here. So so so much gingham. Crisp, refreshing, sweet and playful. Feels like every shop and every brand had something to offer in these playful and punchy checks. Lots and lots of skirts and pants, but accessories too such as Dazzlin’s clutch and Poco a Poco’s tights stand out. Its such a refreshing print that it is sure to last well into summer.  Give me a little more time and I might whip up my own gingham statement piece.

Follow the White Rabbit

Alice in Wonderland holds a very special place in my heart.  So it is no surprise that I also have a love for bunny rabbits.  But you need to be careful when going for bunnies as your style point.  You have to pull it off without looking like you belong in an Easter parade.  So I put on my purveyor of kawaii hat and scoured Tumblr and Pinterest for some fun and fluffy fashion options for spring that are a bit more grown up.

rabbits and bunnies in fashion

sugar and spice bunny rabbits

The best part about many of these rabbit inspired fashion pieces is that they have both a hard and a soft side.  Yes, we are talking about bunnies, but they can badass New Yorkers too if they want.

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What Shall I Wear Today?

fifi lapin cardigan

Do you know Fifi Lapin?  She is a charming bunny and writes the most amazing fashion blog.  She is a confessed clotheshorse, albeit an extremely stylish one.  Her interests include fashion, fashion, fashion and carrot cake.

Fifi is from London and while I didn’t get to meet her when I was there in January, I did score an amazing find.  Tucked away in a shop called Vanilla, on Camden High Street, I came across a Fifi Lapin cardigan.  I am not sure if it is an official piece of merchandise, which troubles me, but I had to have it.  I could have spent my entire trip (and budget) in Seven Dials, but I couldn’t visit and not take a spin through Camden.

fifi lapin clothing

What I love about this cardigan is that it gives me my daily fill of sweet-style but is 100% office appropriate.  I pair it with a pair of purple velvet pants, a sharp white blouse, and a gold, glass bead necklace and bracelet.  It gets so many compliments.  Isn’t she cute!!

Bunny Kisses

Ahcahcum Muchacha Designs

I was in Kinokuniya recently and picked up a spring mook (cross between a magazine and book and, like great American cereal boxes, can often contain a lovely promotion item).  It included a large cat face tote bag and a smaller cat face purse.  Over the past couple of years I’ve seen the brand’s designs pop up in several of the Japanese publications I peruse.  Now owning 2 pieces I am really taken with Ahcahcum-Muchacha.

muchacha collage of clothing, bags and accessories

What I know of the brand is that it was founded by Masako Shinya.  The children’s line I believe is Muchacha and the women’s line is Ahcahcum. In college I had a bit of a thing for making collages.  And her creations totally take me back to those days.  A little bit retro, a little bit art, a little bit cute, a little bit freaky – a whole lot of cool.

muchacha collage of rabbit designs

The rabbit print items in particular are my favorite.  On the brand’s blog I found the photos of the group making tote bags with random bits and pieces.  Such a great concept.  Merging fashion design with craft and collage.  Totally has me inspired to try my hand at it.

What do you think?

Sweet Dreams, Sheri

Credits:  (Collage 1) Rabbit print dress & bag sourced here; (Collage 2) Rabbit necklace sourced here; all other images are from