Tokyo Day 4: Gora Kadan Kakou Suite

“Welcome home.”  I wish!  I’ve long been drawn to the simplicity and elegance of traditional Japanese rooms.  And then I remember that I am a pack rat and where on earth would I put everything?  Anyway, back to the point.  Today I want to take you on a tour of the suite at Gora Kadan.  This is absolutely a part of the trip that has been added to my “I’ll be back” list.

Kakou Annex Suite

As you approach the suite, a short stroll from the main building, you first arrive at a private gate.  Slide the wooden doors open and walk down the lantern lined courtyard to the genkan.

entrance to our japanese villa

kakou annex suite gora kadan

Once inside, slip off your shoes on the stone step and transport yourself into Old Japan.  To your left is a hallway and bench where fresh yukata are laid out waiting to be slipped on as you sink into the relaxing atmosphere of the onsen.

straw zori japanese ryokan

onsen his and her yukata

Just beyond the hall is the bedroom.  Two twin beds, a television and a view of the mountain side.  A balanced blend of the old and the new.

gora kadan ryokan bedroom

Slide open the fusuma screens to reveal the sitting room overlooking an open-air stone bath and small garden.

onsen tatami sitting room

onsen open air big stone bath

At the end of the hallway you will find all the amenities of a modern bath room but designed to be elegant and true to the principles of maximizing space.  A counter with double sinks, the toilet, a deep wooden soaking tub, and an enclosed steam shower follow one another.

japanese wooden bath tub

Returning back to the genkan (entrance) and to the right you enter the living/dining room.  The tokonoma instantly comes into view, with its display of seasonal flowers and an auspicious hanging scroll featuring pine and bamboo. To your right are oshiire quietly hiding extra futons and bedding.  To your left shoji screens frame a wooden terrace overlooking the mountains.

inside the traditional tatami room

gora kadan kakou living room

tokonoma auspicious hanging scroll

Tucked into each side of the room, hidden behind the shoji, before entering the terrace are a reading nook and writing desk.  Both cozy and functional, these miniature rooms make excellent use of the space.  (The reading nook instantly became my home-away-from-home blogging station.)

tatami room reading nook

traditional japanese writing desk

I hope you enjoyed the tour.  If you are looking for an escape from the busy city and appreciate high standards of customer service be sure to plan a stay at Gora Kadan.

Link: Gora Kadan | Kakou Annex Suite