Saturday Style: There’s Bears in Them Woods

saturday style frapbois zoo

Just back from getting my quarterly haircut.  Feels so good having a nice clean trim in prep for the dog days of summer.  I bid farewell to my “wings” and now have “wisps” which are basically very long sections of bangs that frame both sides of my face.  They will be much more noticeable once I slip into my summer pigtails as the days grow hotter.

Frapbois Zoo

Its been about a month and a half since the Tokyo trip and I miss the city more and more each day.  Wanting to feel a little of the fashion pulse of Tokyo here in the burbs of NY, I decided to pull out a Frapbois Zoo coordinate today.  Frapbois is another fantastic Japanese brand to fall in love with. There was (is?) a popup shop located by the Lumine EST department store, above the East Exit of Shinjuku station.  I dig their quirky style, big shapes, and punchy colors.

The zoo line has several adorable characters.  I fell for the lead, クマのベアチャン (kuma no bearchan) during vacation.  Opted for the cutsew onepiece in black and white and matching socks but in contrasting colors.  Mixed in some Angelic Pretty jewelry and brand new Acid Pink lampers from Dr Martens to complete the look.  Was a fun and very comfortable coordinate for what turned out to be a perfect summer afternoon.

frapbois zoo bear dress and acid pink dr martens

Links: Frapbois Zoo on Facebook  |  Acid Pink Dr Martens lampers on Asos  | Soen article on the Frapbois Popup Shop

Oh Yeah

And about my homework assignment.  I was close but the red pen still came out.  Here is my revised show-and-tell descriptor:

これは 4月に かぶきざの したのぎんざ駅で ガチャポンで かった かぶきふろしきの です。