Macarons – Financier Patisserie NYC

Sweet macarons from Financier Patisserie in NYC.

Our charming summer intern brought in a box of Financier Patisserie Macarons the other day.  She was already winning our hearts as she has been a life saver on an insanely complicated project. This cemented our debt to her.

The macarons are lovely.  They have the perfect balance of crunch, nice proportion of filling, and are not overly sweet.  They are also gluten free, a plus.  A box of 15 runs $20 which is reasonably priced as far as macarons go.

Need a afternoon pick me up?  Stop by any of their dozen or so locations across NYC.

Sweet Dreams, Sheri




 Credits:  The adorable tape strips are a freebie you can download over at