Tokyo Day 5: Ohiyo Gozaimasu

We woke up on the fifth day of our trip refreshed and relaxed.  The sun did its best to make its presence known between a few soft rain showers.  Birds were singing a sweet song in the mountains and the bubble of the onsen whispered good morning to us.

onsen flora after the rain

I wandered the grounds of the ryokan to take in the fresh morning air.  Spring flowers and boughs of maple glistened all around with fresh drops of rain sparkling in the early morning sun.

japanese maple after the rain

We would be leaving Hakone later that morning, but time managed to slow its pace.  Almost as if the pause in the rain was a pause in time itself.  All was quiet and calm and it would take little imagination to envision yourself living in an era long gone by.  The click clack of my straw zori pierced the air, as I made my way back to our suite.

kusari doi japanese rain chain

japanese garden tsukubai water feature

Only one thing for it before breakfast is served.  Time to slip into the hot spring bath.