Project Update: Applique Takes Patience

I knew this project was going to be a labor of love.  Am kinda glad I went for making a 14″ pillow instead of 20″.  With a hectic work schedule and other projects on my agenda I only get to add a few chevrons at a time.  And I am perfectly happy with that – there’s no rush.

anthropologie kimono pillow diy projectNow that I can start to see the finish line, I’ve decided to pipe the edges of the pillow.  The inspiration pillows from Anthropologie and West Elm don’t appear to have piping, but I feel it adds a nice finishing touch.  A basic black piping has been selected which will contrast with the base fabric.  When I think of Kimono my first impression is of the most formal robes, with a base in black, worn for special occasions.  So black seems like the most appropriate option.  For now, I just need to keep going!

Update 5: Applique Taking Shape
Update 4: Applique Pieces Basted
Update 3: Ready to Begin Applique
Update 2: Finalizing the Pattern
Update 1: Pattern for Perfect Corners
Kickoff: Anthro & West Elm Inspiration

DIY Korilakkuma Sweatshirt

Found this Korilakkuma washcloth thingy when I was in San Francisco ages ago. Japan Town has so many fun little shops.  Loved her because she is adorable, but had no idea what to do with her.  Bought her anyway.  And this weekend was glad I did.  Found a good basic pink sweatshirt on, tossed in some ribbon and lace in my stash, as well as some little charms I found locally, and before I knew it had a DIY project.

diy korilakkuma sweatshirtkorilakkuma replacing the button with a pink ribbonkorilakkuma sweatshirt appliquekorilakkuma teapot and key charms korilakkuma bear ears hoodiekorilakkuma sweatshirt patternsweet korilakkuma pink sweatshirtI also added a couple of bows to adorn the ears on the hood.  It is hard to see from the snaps I took, but in person they add a needed balance and continuity to the ribbon on the applique.  The sweatshirt now matches wonderfully to Baby the Stars Shine Bright’s My Sweet Mate Kumya’s Honey Hunt skirt. Very proud of my little Thanksgiving weekend accomplishment.

P.S. Apparently I forgot to switch the direction of the drop shadow in Photoshop for a couple of the images.  Kinda like the randomness of it ( ̄ー ̄).