Home Sweet Home – Getting Settled In

swimmer house room diorama clocksHouse diorama clocks from uber kawaii Japanese brand SWIMMER.
Sewing Room  |  Kitchen  |  Bathroom  |  Living Room

Our new place is slowly starting to feel like home.  Living room is in great shape, bedroom not too shabby, bathroom almost there. However the kitchen is unpacked but far from organized, sewing room is a disaster, and don’t dare go into the basement – no seriously.

container store elfa office

What is holding us back right now is a desperate hope that Container Store will start their annual Elfa Sale this week.  Fingers are crossed.  We have a 1940’s linen closet that we would very much like to transform into a proper 21st Century clothing closet.  The kitchen is in need of more shelving and storage.  There are a fair amount of cabinets but Mr. Chef has lots and lots of gadgets to produce the most heavenly nom noms.  And then back to the sewing room… in the last place I had a ridiculous amount of space for the ridiculous amount of fabric I have.  Pretty sure I am going to need more than just Elfa and editing to solve for this challenge.  So pretty much my security deposit from the last place is going to be happily spent at the Container Store and promptly.

ikea pax wardrobe with interior organizers

A trip to IKEA is also in the works.  Closet space is, well, not great.  We have 3 but they are small and old.  So the plan is to get a few wardrobes from IKEA to throw in the sewing room.  Both for clothing and fabric storage.  All those lolita dresses have gotta go someplace!