Mood Board: Garden Party Rabbit Apron

What to do when you fall in love with a fabric but there is only 1 yard left? You apply Gunn’s best advice and “make it work.” That was the challenge a certain Rabbit print fabric has posed to me since last summer. Finally figured it out. Make a lolita apron!

country lolita rabbit apron project

Aprons can be tricky. If you really want it to resonate as a historic fashion staple you have to steer clear of the maid look. The first thing that comes to mind is Holly Hobbie and there is no mistaking her look for a maid. In the 70s she was the darling of my youth. Holly has the perfect country lolita vibe about her. Mix in the sophisticated detailing Baby, the Stars Shine Bright is famous for and I think we are on to something.

baby angelic pretty and meta aprons

I found the most perfect boots from Steve Madden that I think will be a good match and bring in a little extra country vibe. Then there was a wicker purse on Etsy that caught my eye. There might be an entire, head-to-toe, coordinate in the works with this one little yard of fabric. That is how inspiration likes to play.

Hello Spring – もしもし春

I'm Back & Inspired

Took the month of March to regroup and to chill. I took a vacation both figuratively and literally. Its been on my mind for awhile about how to better focus my ramblings here. What is this little blog all about? Well, I have some fresh new ideas about that. But before I spill the beans I am going to put my concept through the paces on paper and see if it sticks.

If budget permits, this refresh hopefully will also include a redesign. There is a new WordPress template that has caught my eye but would need a designer’s finishing touches to really make it shine and bring my vision to life. So in the meantime, while those gears continue to turn behind the scenes, makes sense to keep on keeping on.

Inspired in Shibuya

Two glorious weeks in Japan will inspire anyone. However, it only takes one afternoon in Shibuya to get up to speed on what is hot in Tokyo right now. Even just riding the escalator up and down Shibuya 109 will fill you up with more ideas than you can imagine. Saw some perennial spring trends and a few new twists, as well as fresh updates to a few styles popular in recent years.

Zipper’s May edition hit all the highlights I encountered, but to really sink in what piqued my interest sketching seemed the best way to cement things in my memory. I haven’t sketched in years! And to be frank, was never great at it back in Art School {he he he.} Putting pencil to paper takes energy, far more than flipping the pages of a magazine, and so its a great way to capture a moment as well as allow for personal interpretation to sneak in. Regardless, here is what I saw popping on the streets of Tokyo today.

puffy tote bags, petit usagi hairbands, and candy necklaces

Puffy Tote Bags | Cropped Sweatshirts | Sheer Details | Fabric Candy Necklaces

full circle skirts, cherries and floral headbands

Floral Alice Bands | Short Full Circle Skirts | Cherries, Cherries, Cherries

varsity jackets, sailor collars, and gingham everything

Varsity Jackets | Chenille Patches | Sailor Collars | Winged Backpacks |Gingham Everything

floral neko mimi, cardigans with lace, ribbons and cutouts

Cardigans with Lace, Ribbons & Cutouts | Cat Ears Stuffed with Fake Flowers & Lace | Sheer Details

wide suspenders on salopettes and ribbon badges as accessories

Pleated Skirts with Wide Suspenders | Badges Trimmed in Ribbon and Lace

This year’s big surprise was SHORTS! And it is Shibuya, so when I say shorts I mean shorts. Short shorts. The more leg you can show the better. For my own personal taste there was another option.  Shorts that were fuller, that could almost be mistaken for a skirt, and with peak-a-boo lace showing at the hem. OH, and there was lots of denim and overalls too.  Overalls are so much fun. Not the most flattering if you are not a twig, but still so comfy and cute!! Then there are the ski caps. Everywhere and everyone has them. Making them spring worthy the fabric and colors are adapted to give them a lighter feel.

OK, so I didn’t actually see anyone wearing the neko mimi. But there was no way for me to take a picture and I just wish you could have seen it. There was this one shop where the girls deco anything and everything. Hot glue heaven. The mimi were amazing with tulle covering tightly packed roses trimmed out with more flowers and lace. Hu hu. So cute.

ゴスロリ Sewing – Part 2

The postman brought me another Lolita sewing package! On cyber Monday I ordered a couple issues of the gosurori sewing magazine / mook.


Volume 15 has a few sweet and classic lolita dress patterns that I want to try. The best thing about volume 14 is there are several blouse patterns. I have some dusty rose corduroy that I think would work well for a dress and some fairy tail toile that would make a nice matching blouse. As usual my head is full of ideas that I don’t have nearly enough time to accomplish.


While my katakana and hiragana are in good shape, I expect I will be using Batty-chan’s sewing guide {} to navigate some of the kanji. I own a lot of Japanese sewing books and with patience can fumble through the instructions. Their illustrations are always jam packed with great visual clues that Western patterns lack.