Handmade: Rosettes for 2014 Winter ILD

I wish all year was as mellow as the week between Christmas and New Years!!! Finally have a moment to reflect and go thru all my photos and memories of the blur of frivolity that has ensued since October. It started with the tsunami of lace that was RuffleCon and the waves of cute have kept crashing in.  What a magnificent way to end 2014.

Today’s catch up is a pair of handmade rosettes I whipped up for this winter’s International Lolita Day. Everyone was asked to bring a small gift to exchange. I didn’t want the gift to be too impersonal so mixed things up with some small store bought items and these made-with-love badges.

sweet lolita chocolate rosette and classic lolita violin and roses badge

Sweet Lolita – Golden Chocolate Rosette

Waaaa, so happy that my friend Dixmacabre got the chocolate rosette!!! Having your artwork go to a fellow artist is humbling and such an honor. The girl has mad sewing skills. Make sure your check out her latest collection. She has been in a sewing frenzy with the most beautiful art prints and black brocade called “Walking Museum.” At the tea party she immediately attached the rosette to her beret and wore it all night.

lolita chocolate print rosette with key charm

Classic Lolita – Nature’s Melody Rosette

And the pastel rosette magically made its way to our very own pastel princess Parfait Doll! How perfect is that! I loved Victoria’s expression when she opened the package. She was all smiles and gave me a big boost of confidence with how pleased she was to have one of my rosettes. Yay!! I was going to stop on this one with the rabbit button but felt it was missing something. The decision to add the violin button was validated when she professed it was adorable on Instagram. Just needed that little extra sparkle. hime rose animated gif

victoria got the handmade rose and violin rosette

Saturday Style: International Lolita Day Sail

I had the most amazing weekend.  To celebrate International Lolita Day I joined the NYC girls on a sail around the Hudson in NYC!  Petrina organized the event and it was just perfect.

nyc lolita on the high seas

The heat vanished the minute the ship set sail.  After a few nibbles of fruit, cheese and veggies we all settled in for the cruise.

cheese crackers fruit lolita lunch

nyc ild lunch cruise

The city skyline came into view and conversation was lively.  I am not particularly eloquent when it comes to writing, so I will let the photos speak for themselves.  Sufice it to say, I think we all had a fantastic voyage.

mary alice as a lovely pirate

nyc lolitas amber christine

nyc ild high seas hold tight

manhattan by sail view of nyc

nyc lolita victorian dolls

chris de la rosa as a pirate

lady liberty the original nyc lolita

amanda in perfect sailor style lolita

alexsandra tony petrina alia sailing

all smiles on ild june 2013

windswept sailing the hudson

a lolita pirates life

back ashore after lolita sail

cute lolita bags in nyc

Made some awesome new friends.  The NYC Lolitas really are a very open and welcoming bunch.  Can’t wait to see you all again soon! (Perhaps at the Baby fashion show next Saturday?)

lolita snack at spot after the sail

Enjoying a sweet at Spot Dessert Bar in St. Mark’s Place after the sail.

Winter ILD 2012

ap jsk international lolita day

Had the most spectacular time at the 2012 Winter International Lolita Day – NYC Tea Party! Was so excited for the first time ever to kick it in Angelic Pretty.  As I expected the JSK is short.  And while the girls were very polite, by the end of the night I noticed that my petticoat keep peeping out despite many attempts to hoist it up and my dress down.  Yes I am a derp!

ny lolita tea party

Met so many new people.  The NY group is so much fun.  I was really impressed at how each girl has their own unique spin on the fashion.  Unlike the brand-centric tea parties I have attended, this party was one where everyone really got so show off how they have made Lolita their own.

ny winter ild 2012

From champagne to scones, tea sandwiches to butternut squash tarts – the food at Lady Mendl’s was really yummy.  I wish I had the chance to talk to more of the guests, but the 4 hours went by so fast and were jam packed.  Can’t wait for the next meet up to get to know everyone better.