Takeoff for Tokyo

off to tokyo japan

Suitcase – check. Travel buddy – check.  Passport – check. Boarding pass – check.
Tokyo – 行きましょう!!!!!

Credits: Sakura | Illustration my own


Destination Japan

Lucky Pack Post: If it is not food, clothing, shelter or money… then it must be a surprise.

One of the characteristics I pride myself on is that I am not a fixed point.  Meaning there is so much in this world to explore, so why limit yourself to a narrow, well-defined persona.  I have a very broad range of interests from snowboarding to sewing and many things in between.  But there is one persistent passion that has remained throughout the years – a love for Japanese culture and design. But where did it begin?

While a specific object or moment can’t be pointed to, it is very clear my first encounters began with my grandparents.  They were very well traveled and their home reflected an avid fascination with the Orient.

An immaculate silk folding screen hand painted with Fuji-san in different seasons hung above their dining room table.  For a summer robe to lounge around in I was given a ryokan yukata – I wore it until it was threadbare.  And the piece-de-resistance was a set of porcelain buttons my grandmother gave me.  They were painstakingly handcrafted into miniature Noh masks.

I haven’t yet been to Japan, but as the New Year approaches a long awaited trip moves from my 5-year plan down to the 1-year plan.  2012 is going to be full of planning and research, some of which might spill over here onto LSE.  So for my first “lucky pack” post – we begin the journey to Kyoto 2013.

Sweet Dreams, Sheri