Dassai X Megu

You know how I mentioned the other day that I signed up for emails from the Japanese Culinary Center.  Well it has already paid off.  Heading out in a little while to Megu for a Dassai sake tasting dinner!

Here’s a caption from the email:

“Dassai, one of Japan’s most sought-after sake breweries in Japan, crafts only ultra premium Junmai Daiginjo [Sheri’s heart begins to melt] sake made exlusively from Yamada Nishiki rice, the finest sake rice available from Hyogo Prefecture.”

The event is limited to 20 guests.  I am very excited we were able to get tickets.  Looking forward to mingling and meeting new people.  Well and am elated to enjoy a 5 course meal at Megu!!!

Exquisite interior featuring the Lord Buddha in center stage at Megu in NY.


Sweet Dreams, Sheri



Credits:  Dassai flyer photo from Japanese Culinary Center’s email campaign; dining room photo from  megurestaurants.com.

Japanese Culinary Center

Stumbled upon the Japanese Culinary Center in NY during my walks from Grand Central to classes at the Japan Society.  It looks really interesting.  A quote from their website gives a pretty good overview:

“Your One Stop Shop to the Flavors of Japan… to bring an extensive collection of culinary items from the world of Japanese cuisine to New York City.”

View of the Center from their gallery on japaneseculinarycenter.com

Their list of offers covers the gamut of Japanese Life’s Sweet Essential #1 – Food.

  • Japanese Professional Knives
  • Ceramic Ware and Pottery
  • Kitchen Utensils
  • Japanese Foods & Ingredients
  • Kitchen Disposable Items
  • Uniforms for Restaurant Use
  • Custom Made Professional Tools
  • Cooking Books
  • Sake Tasting Seminars (oh yes!)
  • Cooking Classes (sign me up)

I have to give them very low marks for their website, it really is dreadful.  But having walked past their extraordinary window displays for the past few months I am going to let that slide.  So I’ve signed up for their emails in the hopes to checkout their upcoming sake tastings and cooking classes.  Will keep you posted.

Sweet Dreams, Sheri