Kanji & Complicated Sentances

After having so much fun the past few months, it is time to get serious again.  I missed 2 weeks of class, the end of last semester and the beginning of this semester.  That meant missing plenty of kanji.  I am still playing catch up.


For homework this week we have to write a short story (eek) and really really really detailed description of an object for show-and-tell.  I am going with a furoshiki, wrapping cloth, to present tomorrow.  Rather nervous.  Hope I got this right.

gachyapon from ginza station below the kabukiza

これは 4月に ぎんざ駅の したかぶきざで かった かぶきふろしきの ガチャポンです。


40×Tokyo: Kabuki

40 x Tokyo

T-minus 36 days and counting.  Today’s birthday trip wish is to attend…

Kabuki (歌舞伎)

Of the many Japanese items that adorned my childhood home, there is one piece that for some reason left a memorable impression on me.  It was a very large cloth furoshiki that had been framed and hung in the entertainment room.  It featured Kamakura Gongorō Kagemasa from the play Shibaraku. He was dressed in the iconic robes bearing the family crest of Ichikawa Danjūrō, three squares nested inside one another known as sanshō. For us gaijin, I think this is probably the character we most widely recognize when one thinks of Kabuki.

shibaraku danjuro

Very fortunate for me, the Kabuki-za in Ginza celebrates a grand reopening this spring.  This landmark theater in Tokyo retains its original esthetic but has gone high tech with the world’s largest revolving stage and other cutting edge production technology.  There will be daily shows April 2nd through 28th which is just perfect timing. I need to book the tickets very soon; the premium seats are going quickly.

the kabukiza in tokyo

Links:  The Performance  |  The Theater  |  For Tickets  |  Grand Reopening

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Sakura, Kabuki & Me

In a little departure from my previous posts to celebrate Hanami, today’s is a portrait.  Was able to get all gussied up earlier, as we went down to the city to a Kabuki performance at Japan Society.  The show was AMAZING!

That would be me hanging out under the beautiful Sakura :)

We were given free admission to the art gallery with our theatre purchase.  And in a little room annexed to the gallery, in a corner they painted a Sakura tree outline.  JS welcomed  guests over the past few weeks to write wishes and prayers on pink paper blossoms.  These blossoms were then attached to the branches of the tree.  What a sweet idea.

Sakura wish tree at Japan Society, NYC

Sweet Dreams, Sheri