Kawaii French Baret

sweet lolita pink baret

Another project makes its debut – yay!  The classic French baret is a popular item in the Lolita Fashion circle.  But for it to qualify, the baret must take on characteristics common to the alternative fashion style.  I mixed and matched a bit and pulled in an off-white ribbon lace to go with the sweet style and a bow made from kimono silk to pull on the wa {traditional Japanese} style.

diy decorated french baret

For class last night, I paired my latest creation with the most awesome polka dot sweater I found on Asos and a Western take on rocking horse platforms that I found last winter {also from Asos.}  Also tossed in a sweet lolita blouse, kodona {boy style} shorts and some tights.

I ended up clipping another ribbon to my hair, so think I might make a few more kimono bows to sew on to the base of the baret.  It looks great from behind but needs a little something to frame the face when worn.

This was a super easy DIY project, but I am a nutter perfectionist.  I sewed by hand around each and every ribbon in the lace to make it look as if it was embroidered to the baret.  I could have been lazy and run a straight stitch on my sewing machine but it just wouldn’t be as professional.  In the end I am really happy that I invested the extra time and diligence to create a strong piece.