Tokyo Omiyage: Kokeshi Crackers

asakusa kokeshi crackers

If you are looking for something unique and enjoyable to bring back as gifts from Tokyo you MUST visit Asakusa.  We bought a bag of this and a bag of that – and so far every single purchase has been a hit.  Of all the omiyage snacks and goodies from our vacation, this particular treat gets top marks for being the cutest.

omiyage rice crackers from asakusa

rice cracker kokeshi dolls

I selected this treat to share with my team and colleagues at work.  Admittedly the chocolate items went first, but these also got high praise.  Each individually wrapped snack has a peanut in a coated shell for a head and a soy flavored rice cracker for a body.  They are designed to resemble a kokeshi, a very simple wooden doll that is usually handmade and decorated with simple lines to indicate a face.  They are unique and stand out due to their lack of arms and legs.  These crackers are equally as charming as their namesake.  And while they were meant for my mates, I had to try a couple.  They are delicious!!

asakusa kokeshi senbei