Handmade Biscuit Cabochon Rosette Ribbon

While I was waiting to find the perfect ribbon for my Apron Project, was able to squeeze in this little gem. Rosettes are popping up in many Japanese fashion magazines these days. Some feature prominently, but most of the time they are mixed in to create the perfect touch in a well layered kawaii coordinate. Since I have already professed my love for them, today I thought I would share how simple it is to make one.

afternoon tea biscuit rostte ribbon project

I went for a slightly posh look-and-feel over the traditional style. So if you have even less time or not as many embellishments to play with, you can still make a rosette with a little bit of ribbon, some hot glue, and a ready made badge/pin. The most difficult part of my version was pleating the blue ribbon and then stitching it so they all stay in place nicely. Once I had that ready I dove right in.

how to make a lace and ribbon rosette

Felt would work well for this project too but I didn’t have any at the time and am on a kick to use things up that I already have. Its good to have lots of goodies at ready for spur of the moment craft projects. But it is also good to turn things over to make room for new bits and bobs.

stitch the lace and hot glue the cabochon

Speed was also a part of this project. How to make sure it was something easy to make and quick. In total I maybe spent an hour or two on the project. However in my case the time was split out across a few days. Work has been crazy but I didn’t want that to stop me from putting some artistic time on my diary.

easy diy rosette you can make in an afternoon

The end result came out nice. I might change the way I sandwiched the base in the future if I make another. My favorite part is all the layers and how they build up to the biscuit cabochon on top. Well and how could I stop there. Added a final layer using a small pink bow and some silk flowers for good measure.

Now I am hoping that someone will invite me to afternoon tea so I can mix my new biscuit rosette into a coordinate. International Lolita Day is coming up. Perhaps then.

sugar cookie gif art

P.S. If you are wondering about the piece of pink lace, it is indeed from Angelic Pretty. It was leftovers from when I altered Decoration Dream. I used the waist ties to make the skirt longer and in the process had 2 little sections of lace for a moment just like this. It matches perfect with some recycled ribbons from Ladurée macaron purchases.