Mood Board: Lolita Blank Canvas

the simplicity and the possibilities with a solid cream lolita dress

I am unsure if it is the change in the weather, but lately I have been really drawn to solid color dresses. And this is coming from someone who typically is perfectly content to be covered head-to-toe in every variation of Kumya-chan print Baby, the Stars Shine Bright has ever made thank you very much. Is my sweet tooth fading? What is this newly Thoreau-esq simplicity influence that has come over me?

Recent additions in my wardrobe included all black, all white and all lilac jumperskirts. They quickly have become my canvas on which to tell a story, but not the story itself. The accessories create the drama. I guess perhaps this is just my finally realizing what the little black dress of the alt fashion scene is. Late to the game again maybe. Regardless, the versatility and ease of use of these new pieces in my arsenal are pleasing me to no end.

Project Kickoff: Cherish My Juicy Cherry Wicker Handbag DIY

etsy vintage wicker handbag

I started putting together a coordinate for an upcoming convention.  My second Con to be exact.  Once the dress form was lookin all good and frilly, it came to purse options.  I have tried every bag I own and no joy.  So I hit the brand sites and still no love.  What’s a girl to do?  Then it came to me – Etsy!  And score! For $26 + shipping, this beautiful vintage wicker handbag was on its way.

juicy cherry handbag mood board

But you know me.  Can’t be that easy.  No this vintage jem is about to get the full treatment.  The package arrived late yesterday and I could wait to start the creative process.  The Plan: decorate to be a perfect match for Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Cherish my Juicy Cherry.  The purse is missing its original lining.  But that isn’t a problem, that’s an opportunity.  I have some nice pink cherry fabric from last summer’s DIY marathon that will be a good match.

BTSSB juicy cherry wicker handbag layout

As you can see above, the outside is starting to take shape.  I played with a bunch of embellishments, laces and various compositions.  So far this option using the waist bow from the dress along with some pearls, lace and crocheted cherries is my favorite.

And the best part?  We have a nice long holiday ahead which couldn’t be a more perfect time to start some DIY July.  Get ready glue gun.  Here I come.

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Baby the Stars Shine Bright Fashion Show – Part 2

baby the stars shine bright animenext show

“Since I was a child, I was always genuinely happy to see girls wearing clothes with frills and lace, looking like princesses and feeling cute and pretty.  I developed BABY, THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT to make clothes with that at their heart.” That is the quote from Akinori Isobe, the CEO of BTSSB, which adorned Anime Next’s website and was the call to action for East Coast lolita’s.  So without further ado, here is the Baby runway show!

Baby the Stars Shine Bright

baby nanairo prism sweet alice

Nanairo Prism ♪ Sweet Alice (なないろプリズム♪アリスちゃん柄) in Saxe Blue

wiz me over the rainbow jumper-skirt

Wiz Me Over the Rainbow in Red

baby fashion show victoria suzanne parfaitdoll

twin juicy baby love love berries

Twinning Juicy Baby Love Love Berries in Mint and Ivory

some day of ranunculus lycia

Some Day of Ranunculus (ある日のラナンキュラス柄) in Lavender

btssb blooming fairy doll pink

Blooming Fairy Doll in Pink

la robe vert clair royal bow

la robe vert clair echarpe butterfly crown

La Robe Vert Clair (collaboration with Midori-chan)

baby the stars shine bright wedding gown

Wedding Onepiece

After the show the designers both joined the stage to take a bow.  And the show concluded with Isobe-san and the designers taking a session of Q&A.

baby the stars shine bright fashion show models

baby designer masumi kano

Masumi Kano, Designer

baby designer saki tachibana

Saki Tachibana, Designer

q&a with isobe-san of baby the stars shine bright


A Cup of Tea with Isobe-sama and the BTSSB Designers

animenext tickets to baby the stars shine bright tea party

This weekend was the crescendo to an exhilarating spring.  I’ve been to Tokyo, San Francisco, St. Louis and spent a week in Manhattan.  Enjoyed a lovely sail in the Hudson, started my 5th semester of Japanese, and attended my first “con” AnimeNext. Just in the past 5 days I meet shamisen virtuoso Agatsuma and lolita fashion kami-sama Akinori Isobe.

Baby the Stars Shine Bright Tea Party

It was only by chance that I was able to attend the Baby the Stars Shine Bright Tea Party on Sunday.  My friend Grace was the original owner of the ticket.  But unfortunately she was unable to make it and was sweet enough to extend her ticket to me.  I owe her big time!

baby the stars shine bright tea party

Only 10 precious tickets existed so it was a very intimate affair held in a small room of the hotel hosting AnimeNext.  Everyone gravitated to sitting around the dinning table with a cup of green or black tea in hand.  Isobe-san, the CEO, and his two designers Masumi Kane and Saki Tachibana, stood at one corner of the table entertaining questions from the attendees.  MC Melody Doll and a translator assisted with the conversation.  Petrina of Lolita and the City accompanied the party as press and snapped lots of candids.  Can’t wait to see them.

tea party with the btssb designers

At first there was no mistaking that everyone was nervous.  But gradually the questions became more relaxed and casual.  We learned that Masumi plays piano and takes inspiration from classical music for her design process.  While Saki is influenced by books and spends time in the library and bookstores.  I learned that I had something in common with Isobe-san.  When inquiring about what types of music everyone enjoys, K-Pop and Visual Kei bands for the girls, Isobe-san said he isn’t as much into music these days but was really into techno.  To this I can relate (see my last post.)

baby isobe to kane to tachibana desu

After the tea we all stepped out into the garden for photos.  As you can see there was a group shot, individual shots with the designers, and then some of just the designers.  I wish I had a photo of all the camera’s lined up, waiting their turn; lots and lots of photos should be filling Instagram and Tumblr by now.

The party concluded with the designers handing out small gifts to the attendees.  Inside the little bag was a handkerchief featuring a recent print, an Usakumya snap bracelet, and a small package of cards and notepaper.  We were also given a choice of a poster from either Baby or Alice and the Pirates.

My bag included the navy Twinkle Polaris version of ☆Twinkle Constellation and the Stars of Confeito☆ design.  But Stephanie and I traded.  She likes darker prints but had received the white Dreaming Vega color.  Which means I now have a handkerchief to match the skirt I bought when in Tokyo. Yay!

saki and masumi hand out gifts

btssb tea party gift bag and poster

My Coordinate

tri color toy hat alice and the pirates

The tea party provided me an opportunity to wear my first ever Alice and the Pirates coordinate.  I picked it up on Saturday at the Baby booth in AnimeNext.  I fell in love with the Tricolour Toy hat the minute I saw it.  But turned away as I have nothing to match it.  But then the JSK also lured me in.  All of this with a bit of encouragement by Nancy who was working at the booth.  Well and you can’t stop there, so I ended up with the matching socks too.

Throw in a blouse from Bodyline, red tea parties from Antaina, as well as Angelic Pretty’s Fantastic Ribbon necklace,  and voila!  Felt very English school girl.  I think this is a start of a new love for me.  I am crazy about the pink sweets, but this really felt comfortable, more familiar, somehow more me.  Perhaps I’m a pirate now?!?!

tricolour toy jsk in the garden

alice and the pirates tricolor toy