Lolita Style Hair Accessories

Life is returning back to normal after Hurricane Sandy.  Took 6 loads of laundry and many more rounds of doing dishes to catch up after nearly 2 weeks without power.  Between all the clean up this weekend I had a spurt of creativity.  Started making a bunch of hair accessories in various styles of the Japanese Lolita fashion.  There is a purpose to this recent craft spree, but that is a secret for now {shhhhh.}

lolita winter hair collectionmaking lolita accessories

So far I have completed pink hair bows in a sweet style, an alice-band in red for a classic style, and a straw mini hat for a country style.  Using gold studs, I have started a punk style barrette too.  Hoping to add a gothic style piece as well to this collection.  Alternatively could do a hime {princess} style or a fairy kei option.  But that will have to wait till next weekend.

Happy Monday everone!