Pretty Maids all in a Row

the ultimate organized lolita wardrobe

A place for everything and everything in its place.  In our last home we didn’t have proper closets.  So it is really refreshing to have 3 in the new house.  There is another one upstairs but it needs some drywall before we can confidently increase the count to 4.  We were patient and thankfully the Elfa Sale started right after Christmas.  It was so worth it.

The shelving is 30% off which is the best part.  But on top of that, because Container Store doesn’t have a Connecticut store we had them deliver the materials to our house which meant it was an online transaction and no sales tax!  So that saved us enough money to also splurge on having it professionally installed, which was also 30% off.

We will also invest in a few standalone wardrobes from Ikea.  And when that is all said in done it meant that I am able to have one closet completely dedicated to my “play” clothes.  Yes, I officially have a J-Fashion / Lolita closet!

a look inside my wardrobe

This closet is in the sewing room and I hope serves as inspiration to get back into my Candy Shoppe Girl collection challenge.  Originally the closet had an ancient wooden rod that was at risk of snapping in two at any moment.  That and a rickety shelf made by two warped boards precariously floating above the rod.

With the Elfa system, we were able to design it to be split into two halves – one side for long hang and the other for short hang.  Dresses, blouses and skirts each have their own rod.  We also squeezed in 4 shelves.  The one below the blouses will be for boxes of jewelry, above the dresses will be boxes of bloomers, cardigans and other bits and bobs.  The final two shelves are for purses.  Mind you, still really don’t have a clue how to store petticoats – hum.  For now, we have also temporarily put a tie rack on the door to hang necklaces and pochettes from.  The posts are too close together so all the necklaces are jammed in.  Its fine as an interim solution since I need to pace out the spend on our home improvements and we already had the rack making it free so to speak.

More work to do but having a well organized closet is giving me peace of mind.  Hopefully we can hit Ikea this weekend and by the end of the month should be able to completely finish unpacking all our boxes!! Yay!!