Mood Board: Patchwork Pastel

What to do with 2 ill-fitting pastel sweaters and 3 too tight t-shirts?  Why add in a couple yards of pastel knit fabric and upcycle it all in a patchwork pastel pullover of course.  At least that is the plan this weekend.  Just back from 3 weeks of business travel, lovely vacation, and a mean dose of jetlag.  So am looking forward to a nice quiet weekend.  I also have 3 weeks worth of laundry to catch up.  Not looking forward to that marathon to be honest.

milk heart bag modcloth pastel motercycle jacket

I got the idea to mix and match all the various store bought pieces from my Milk Heart Purse.  My first instinct was to buy the all pink version.  But something told me to go for the multi color one instead.  Great choice.  I can mix and match it with a lot of differnt coordinates.  Also stumbled upon this amazing motorcycle jacket from ModCloth.  Very similar approach but with additional pops of yellow.  Sadly it is no longer in stock or I would have gobbled one up.

nile perch one piece emily temple cute pastel

The materials for the pullover are much softer than the feel of the leather bag and coat.  The finished garment might have more of a Nile Perch or Emily Temple cute vibe {if I am lucky.}  The above inspiration seems a good match for the direction it is headed.  But the target is autumn/spring use so long sleeves are in order.  Something soft and cute while also toasty so that a jacket isn’t necessary.

pastel modcloth ruche tea tennis

Once you start to dive deep into the pastel realm, you’ll find that it isn’t just the kawaii Japanese brands who spoil us with pink and lavender and sax confections.  But Western brands still tend to limit the sweet palette to spring collections.  I wonder when that will change?  Have never understood why baby pink is a no-no for winter.  Especially when it complements the softness of snow so well.

pastel coat manuel bolano tricked out uggs

The finishing touches for the pullover are still formulating.  I definitely don’t want to hold back.  Might not go so far as this artistic coat and boots but something playful would be nice to pull the whole concept together.  Perhaps some knit cherries? Hum…