Snapshot: Old School Lolita

I’ve got a ton of new projects in the works but nothing ready to share yet. So wanted to entertain you with a random fun memory.  Some events I don’t always get time to make a big splash out of. After a full day of work it leaves little precious time for housework, sewing and getting to see friends. Add blogging on top of that and my time is pretty much spent. Thought of the idea of “snapshots” ala the Throwback Thursday trend would be fun to try out to preserve these little glimpses in time.

black and white old school lolita will never go out of style

Back before the winter holidays our local comm got together for an Old School Meet. This is the look I feel in love with when I first learned about lolita fashion. It took me years and years to finally try it out myself but I still get nostalgic for the simpler days. A little less poof, more natural hair, and overall an elegance that was so different from “normal” fashion.

Bottom Photo Credit: Victorian Me

Saturday Style: International Lolita Day Sail

I had the most amazing weekend.  To celebrate International Lolita Day I joined the NYC girls on a sail around the Hudson in NYC!  Petrina organized the event and it was just perfect.

nyc lolita on the high seas

The heat vanished the minute the ship set sail.  After a few nibbles of fruit, cheese and veggies we all settled in for the cruise.

cheese crackers fruit lolita lunch

nyc ild lunch cruise

The city skyline came into view and conversation was lively.  I am not particularly eloquent when it comes to writing, so I will let the photos speak for themselves.  Sufice it to say, I think we all had a fantastic voyage.

mary alice as a lovely pirate

nyc lolitas amber christine

nyc ild high seas hold tight

manhattan by sail view of nyc

nyc lolita victorian dolls

chris de la rosa as a pirate

lady liberty the original nyc lolita

amanda in perfect sailor style lolita

alexsandra tony petrina alia sailing

all smiles on ild june 2013

windswept sailing the hudson

a lolita pirates life

back ashore after lolita sail

cute lolita bags in nyc

Made some awesome new friends.  The NYC Lolitas really are a very open and welcoming bunch.  Can’t wait to see you all again soon! (Perhaps at the Baby fashion show next Saturday?)

lolita snack at spot after the sail

Enjoying a sweet at Spot Dessert Bar in St. Mark’s Place after the sail.

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu & Sabastian Masuda

sabastian masuda dokidoki designer

Must take a departure from the 40 x Tokyo spree today to celebrate what turned out to be a very epic Sunday.  Was already super excited to go to the Kyary Pamyu Pamyu concert… but to also met the mastermind behind the Harajuku brand 6%DOKIDOKI – whoa!  Fair warning to my friends that these photos are going up anywhere I can post them cause I am so psyched.

Masuda-san was in Kinokuniya to check out a small art installation related to the brand’s new mook celebrating their 18th year!!!  He was informed that a bunch of cute girls all dressed up in Harajuku fashion were upstairs in the cafe, so he came up to take photos.  How cool is that.  Inside the mook is a tote bag with the famous Colorful Rebellion collage.  I didn’t pick one up as I want to save money to buy something directly from their store when I am in Tokyo next week.  If you want to learn more about the mook check this out:

lolitas invade grand central

My buddy got sick so I reached out to some of the NYC lolita’s to hang with for the show.  God these girls have fun!  Grace {shown center} pulled off a Manhattan magic act.  She transformed her 2 friends into Lolitas in the middle of Grand Central.  Just when you think you have seen or done it all, New York has another surprise in store for you.  Wish I had a before photo.

on our way to kpp concertBefore you know it we were off to wait in the mile long line wrapping around the Best Buy theater.  As usual, our fashion attire attracted a fair amount of attention.  But who cares.

kpp world tour nycThe show was amazing.  Just amazing.  What fascinated me was how completely diverse the fans were. There was a mosh pit, kid-you-not, at one point and on the other side of the floor a contingent of really cute frilly girls jumping up and down screaming.  What an amazing performer to be able to bring such diversity together.

masuda watching kyary

Oh yeah, and check out this fan… she had all the moves in check!  By dumb luck I was sitting right behind Masuda (#^.^#)  And yes, yes he always has his arms crossed like that.  So cute.

kyary pamyu pamyu nyc concertIt has been a long time since I have been to a concert and had so much fun.  Kyary Pamyu Pamyu has literally skyrocketed since 2011.  So glad I got to enjoy this amazing moment in her blossoming career.

international official fb for kpp fans

Thank You KPP + NYC for such an awesome day.

Links:  Interview with Kyary  | Official Photo Set from the Show   |  Amani’s Pics | Petrina’s Pics



International Lolita Day Prep

I am looking forward to attending our local lolita chapter’s International Lolita Day fete in a couple of weeks.  Trying to plan ahead and have brainstormed my coordinate.  Feeling a bit under the weather and somehow Photoshop soothes me.  So here it is.

December 2012 ILD Coordinate

  • Angelic Pretty Wonder Party JSK + OTK Socks
  • Angelic Pretty Chess Chocolate Bag
  • Angelic Pretty Sweet Cream Biscuit Necklace
  • Angelic Pretty ribbon combs
  • Bodyline blouse + shoes
  • Vivcore fluffy petticoat
  • Tahari cropped cape coat
  • Essie polish in pink + mint + sax + lilac + gold
  • Chocomint ribbon ring

I love the gold accents in the Wonder Party print so want to play off that with my nail polish.  A subtle but fun touch.  If I feel a bit better I think I might make a pink and black tote bag this weekend.  There will be a fun gift exchange and I will want something nice to transport my contribution in.