Travel Log: Dubai {Part 2}

dubai travel log 2014

The absolute highlight of my recent trip to Dubai was an evening safari. This included “dune bashing,” getting to say hello face-to-face with the locals (camels,) and enjoying a traditional BBQ and meal under the stars in a small Bedouin camp. There are many commercial versions of this amazing adventure; our small party was fortunate to enjoy a more intimate, private version.

dubai dessert camelsWhile our host reduced the pressure in the 4wd, critical to gain more traction on the sand, my crew admired the happy tenants of a dessert camel farm. One extremely friendly fellow popped her head right over the fence interested in checking us out as much as we wanted to her. She was super sweet and gentle. It was pretty magical. But this was the calm before the storm. Immediately following was an exhilarating, adrenaline pumping, ride across the dessert safari sahara dunesWe paused briefly between the adventure to bring our heart rate back down and to take in the incredible beauty of the dessert. Photos just can’t do justice to the majesty of the sand, the light and shadows, and the way the landscape is constantly reinventing itself.

dubai dessert safari sunsetMy colleagues and I enjoyed watching the sun set over the dunes while our host set up camp. I am happy to say we were so absorbed from that point on that once the sun went down so did our cameras and phones. We were able to disconnect from our always plugged in lives and enjoy the company of each other, good conversation, and a fantastic meal of traditional mezze and for my buddies what was quickly claimed as the best BBQ lamb ever.