Alteration: Emily Temple cute Puppy onepiece

I completed this almost a year ago and its such a satisfying project so many months later. This quickly become my most favorite go to dress. I’ve been filling gaps in my wardrobe for more casual lolita looks so that I can dress up more often. At first I thought I must be mental to buy two of the exact same just to make one a smidge bigger. However the end result was more then just a well fitting dress but an entire set of coordinating accessories as well. First lets start with the dress remake.

emily temple cute dress remake to larger size

You can learn a lot by taking apart a brand dress. For Emily Temple cute I learned that they piece together the front bodice and skirt,  same for the the back, and then join them along the sides. In the past I’ve made the bodice and then attach the skirt. Its given me some new ideas on how to simplify a similar pattern I use for otome kei dresses. As for these alterations, the goal was to make it bigger but ensure that it wasn’t noticeable that it was altered. Success means making the smallest tweak so that only a die-hard Emikyu fan would scratch their head knowing something is different. (more…)

Handmade: Macaron Patisserie Jumperskirt

I wore my Victorian Doll JSK for ILD as planned despite it not, strictly speaking, being Lolita (to hell with a petticoat.) Can not even begin to describe how good it felt to have something that fit like a glove. It honestly made me so much more relaxed as I was comfortable and could just have a good time with out the whole suffering for fashion nonsense that comes with squeezing into too small brand.

jumperskirt made from japanese yuwa macaron fabric


Go Figure… Emikyu Maxi Dress

Emily Temple cute Logo Cupcake Maxi Dress

Waaaaaa, how did I not see this sooner?!?! Well, I know the answer to that… I have been tardy in general on keeping up with the interwebs the past few months. I wish it was because I had such an incredible social life. But in reality it’s just all work and no play makes Sheri wish she didn’t have to adult so much.

I couldn’t be happier about seeing this new development in the otome kei genre. Yes short skirts and dresses are adorable but sometimes you just want a nice long flowy skirt that you can wrap yourself up in. I love to sit on the floor in a big long skirt and being able to sit comfortably and not constantly tugging to keep myself covered up.

Not sure if everyone agrees but I hope to see more dresses in this length in 2016. I know I am going to make a point to whip up a few for my wardrobe. And ironically off to a good start since my last handmade project just happened to be a maxi.

Handmade: Victorian Doll Maxi JSK

Taking a little gamble for this year’s Winter ILD and going with a handmade maxi dress for my coord. The moment I saw this “make your own” Victorian doll fabric it spoke to me. There is a hint of Jane Marple or Emily Temple cute about it that I couldn’t resist. However, I had no intention of making the actual dolls as the manufacturer intended, instead to use the panels as an unusual take on a border print.

maxi length otome kei dress made from victorian paper doll fabric


Saturday Style: Muji Maiden

saturday style muji maiden

The gaggle of shoppers on Greenwich Avenue had no idea what hit them today.  Had my fringe trimmed at Hopscotch and then made my way up to Starbucks to meet my buddy.  All this in my red, white and blue stripped MUJI onepiece.  Stood out like a sore thumb.  And really didn’t care.

I am a total sucker for baggy dresses.  I mixed in a lace collar from Wonder Rocket, black leggings also from Muji, patent ballet platforms from Asos, and a black Lacoste tote bag.  Well and I couldn’t resist topping it off with my DIY sailor bow to show off the fresh bangs.

rilakkuma bonjour band aids

But the piece that made the outfit was my matching Rilakkuma French bandaids!  So cute!  The perfect cure for boo-boos.

P.S. Picked out new glasses today.  So very excited.  Finally found frames in pink!!! Can’t wait to pick them up.

Concept: Two Tone Macarons

One day I’m talking about finishing up old projects.  And the next I am brainstorming new ones.  Make up your mind Sheri, honestly. Technically this falls into the second half of my resolution.  I would like to use the macaron fabric I recently got from Japan to make a spring dress for Tokyo.

macaron dress emily temple cute inspiration

The inspiration is not based on a particular Emily Temple Cute dress, but instead on their basic bodice shape.  If you follow the brand closely you will see that there isn’t really that much variation in their dress patterns.  They tend to focus on fabric and embellishments as the key differentiators from season to season. I only have 1 yard of the macaron fabric so will split the dress in half.  Macarons for the bodice and straps and a silky corduroy in a dusty pink color for the skirt.

For the pattern I will use a lolita JSK I drafted a couple of years ago.  I just need to make some small adjustments:

  • Update the neckline to replicate the slight curve that the inspiration has,
  • Shorten the bodice about an inch,
  • Add in a 1 1/2 to 2″ waist band.
  • Reduce the width of the shoulder straps, and
  • Pleat the skirt instead of gathering.

But before I start, the first question I have to ask myself is, do I begin my Princess Swing Coat project first or this?