Swap Meet Score: Lief Sacred Night

The adorable Rachel, who I had the pleasure of meeting for the first time during ILD, held a swap meet this past weekend. She rents office space in the city for her start up and it was such a fantastic spot for the event, especially in the winter time. We were tucked away safe and sound indoors away from creepers ogling over us. More impressive was how many people came and went during the event. Its super hard to coordinate something like this in NYC where we have so many lolitas. I do hope she enjoyed it and will host another in the future. For my first time selling, I think I did well. Sold 2 dresses, a skirt, a blouse and a bag.

lief sacred night styled more otome kei than gothic

And with cash in hand, from one of the dresses I sold, I instantly reinvested in this beauty. Christine, whom I admire so much, arrived with a suitcase full to the brim and with her own clothing rack!! Here I was camped on the floor across from her, eyeing each piece as she pulled it from the case, put it on a hanger, and added it to her little pop up shop. What I didn’t know was how badly I needed this dress until she pulled it from her bottomless bag. I hadn’t come across it before. Enter Lief Sacred Night into my life.

What do I love about it? First, its velveteen which I adore for its softness. Next, its long so there will be no tall girl issues with this jem. And third, I am a total sucker for high contrast so the bold black print against the white base really speaks to me. Oh yeah, and did I mention gothic architecture!!

Google says the typical styling for this dress is either a black or a red blouse. Phooey to that. How about an otome-esq, casual, stripe cutsew instead. {Sheri sifts through her wardrobe… check.} And to put my personal spin on it how about soft pink accessories that say winter. Fur handbag, ok. Neko mimi beret, sounds good. Hello cute pink and black coordinate. I think I am ready to celebrate the New Year in style now :3

Quick Fix: Milk Castle Night Dress to Skirt Remake

castle night dress to skirt remake

For work I have a pretty basic uniform of t-shirt, cardigan, skirt and leggings/tights. The later item to brave the arctic temperatures that Corporate America apparently needs to preserve its employees at so they don’t spoil. The rest is a combo for comfort to spend the better part of the day staring into a computer screen and constantly calling into meetings. While a lot of pastel spills over from my alternative fashion-side into my office lady-side, surprisingly there is a ton of black. When Milk’s Castle Night (キャッスルナイト) popped up on Closet Child I thought it would make a versatile piece that could be styled for the work day or weekend.

simple instructions to modify the milk dress into a skirt

The Castle Night print is so charming. A collection of ribbons, broaches and vintage perfume bottles in a style that looks like doodles someone might draw in their notebook when bored in class (or meetings.) It is also speckled with small glitter dots here and there. None of the photos do justice to this little detail at all.

Looking forward to wearing this well into winter for a pop of cheery color as the daylight grows shorter. A nice chunky sweater and a little ankle boot should do the trick. And so there you have it. Another simple alteration to give a little extra wiggle room into a one-size-fits-some Japanese brand piece.

P.S. Need to think of something clever to do with the fabric left over from the bodice of the dress. Maybe some hair ribbons and a rosette? Not sure yet…

International Lolita Day Prep

I am looking forward to attending our local lolita chapter’s International Lolita Day fete in a couple of weeks.  Trying to plan ahead and have brainstormed my coordinate.  Feeling a bit under the weather and somehow Photoshop soothes me.  So here it is.

December 2012 ILD Coordinate

  • Angelic Pretty Wonder Party JSK + OTK Socks
  • Angelic Pretty Chess Chocolate Bag
  • Angelic Pretty Sweet Cream Biscuit Necklace
  • Angelic Pretty ribbon combs
  • Bodyline blouse + shoes
  • Vivcore fluffy petticoat
  • Tahari cropped cape coat
  • Essie polish in pink + mint + sax + lilac + gold
  • Chocomint ribbon ring

I love the gold accents in the Wonder Party print so want to play off that with my nail polish.  A subtle but fun touch.  If I feel a bit better I think I might make a pink and black tote bag this weekend.  There will be a fun gift exchange and I will want something nice to transport my contribution in.

Time to Have a Wonder Party

angelic pretty wonder party jsk and otk

Whoops!  I totally blew my budget this month.  And my budget all went to Angelic Pretty.  It started with buying little Milky-chan and now I splurged on the re-release of Wonder Party.  I seriously need to focus on buying work clothes, but then along comes the latest update of AP’s site, and bam – my credit card is whipped out and a order confirmation is in my inbox.

I picked up the JSK version of Wonder Party in black, added the matching over the knee socks, and for giggles, added the Sweet Cream Biscuit necklace in pink.  This is a bit of a gamble.  Goodness knows I have complained {obsessively} about how out of reach AP is for me {how dare I be a tall, size 8 American}.  But this JSK is fully shirred in the back so my fingers are crossed that it will fit me {and not be too short}!!!

wonder party sweet cream biscuit necklace