Mood Board: Bib Collar Dresses & Blouses

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright, Innocent World, Metamorphose, and Angelic Pretty bib front dresses

I am a total sucker for a bright white bib juxtaposed against a contrasting color dress or blouse. Pretty much all of the cute brands I track have incorporated them into their collections, if not once, several times. Most include a little tuxedo inspiration through the use of pintucks. To up the cute quotient they then add lace, buttons and ribbons. They also seem to be universal in Lolita styles in that they can easily flow from sweet to classic to goth.

katie milk koko kim bib dress

These versions certainly pull from the tuxedo camp. However, pintucks historically were used in little girls clothing at the hem. The tuck served both as decoration and function. The tucks could be removed from the dress as a girl grew to lengthen the dress and get more wear out of it. Economical and cute – form and function at its best.

taobao and katie bib collar dresses