Project Complete: Handmade Lolita Garden Party Apron

I think my sewing chops just hit a new level. Over the weekend I completed making a lolita apron. As mentioned on the previous mood board, finding the right solution for a very limited amount of this amazing fabric became a mission. Its somewhat terrifying to realize that I didn’t use a pattern. I mentally calculated the whole thing in my head and went for it. Luckily it worked out and I am pleased as punch.

garden party rabbit handmade lolita apron

The fabric I found on Etsy and the main lace came from a visit to Tomato in Nippori, Tokyo. The little daisies on the lace and cream color were a perfect match for the print. Surprisingly, the most difficult task was finding a ribbon the right shade of blue. I had to visit many stores until I settled on one I liked. Even now I wish it was a slightly darker shade.

lolita lace ribbon faux flowers snap and waist ties

Angelic Pretty’s Decoration Dream was a jumping off point for the sizing of the apron top. I’ve never liked how, well there is no polite way to say this, my boobs exceed the width of AP’s top. Decoration Dream just never sits right. So for my apron I adjusted to make it sit nice and flat and cover all the right spots. Another learning from AP was the straps are always slipping off my shoulders unless I criss-cross them in the back. So for my apron I added a nice little bar in the back to hold everything in place.

materials to make lolita lace wrist cuffs similar to baby the stars shine bright

The past couple of days I enjoyed the euphoria that comes with completing a project. But if I am honest this is far from done. That 1 yard of fabric has morphed into a vision for a full coordinate. Already, I’ve cut lace to make matching wrist cuffs. I have metal eyelets/grommets coming in the mail to deco a pair of boots. Then there is a wicker handbag that just arrived and is ready for a hot glue party. Fabric for a matching dress has been yanked out of the stash. The only mystery is what to make for a hair accessory? Do we get into the spirit of the “year of the bonnet” or make an old school headdress?

Mood Board: Garden Party Rabbit Apron

What to do when you fall in love with a fabric but there is only 1 yard left? You apply Gunn’s best advice and “make it work.” That was the challenge a certain Rabbit print fabric has posed to me since last summer. Finally figured it out. Make a lolita apron!

country lolita rabbit apron project

Aprons can be tricky. If you really want it to resonate as a historic fashion staple you have to steer clear of the maid look. The first thing that comes to mind is Holly Hobbie and there is no mistaking her look for a maid. In the 70s she was the darling of my youth. Holly has the perfect country lolita vibe about her. Mix in the sophisticated detailing Baby, the Stars Shine Bright is famous for and I think we are on to something.

baby angelic pretty and meta aprons

I found the most perfect boots from Steve Madden that I think will be a good match and bring in a little extra country vibe. Then there was a wicker purse on Etsy that caught my eye. There might be an entire, head-to-toe, coordinate in the works with this one little yard of fabric. That is how inspiration likes to play.