Handmade: Rosettes for 2014 Winter ILD

I wish all year was as mellow as the week between Christmas and New Years!!! Finally have a moment to reflect and go thru all my photos and memories of the blur of frivolity that has ensued since October. It started with the tsunami of lace that was RuffleCon and the waves of cute have kept crashing in.  What a magnificent way to end 2014.

Today’s catch up is a pair of handmade rosettes I whipped up for this winter’s International Lolita Day. Everyone was asked to bring a small gift to exchange. I didn’t want the gift to be too impersonal so mixed things up with some small store bought items and these made-with-love badges.

sweet lolita chocolate rosette and classic lolita violin and roses badge

Sweet Lolita – Golden Chocolate Rosette

Waaaa, so happy that my friend Dixmacabre got the chocolate rosette!!! Having your artwork go to a fellow artist is humbling and such an honor. The girl has mad sewing skills. Make sure your check out her latest collection. She has been in a sewing frenzy with the most beautiful art prints and black brocade called “Walking Museum.” At the tea party she immediately attached the rosette to her beret and wore it all night.

lolita chocolate print rosette with key charm

Classic Lolita – Nature’s Melody Rosette

And the pastel rosette magically made its way to our very own pastel princess Parfait Doll! How perfect is that! I loved Victoria’s expression when she opened the package. She was all smiles and gave me a big boost of confidence with how pleased she was to have one of my rosettes. Yay!! I was going to stop on this one with the rabbit button but felt it was missing something. The decision to add the violin button was validated when she professed it was adorable on Instagram. Just needed that little extra sparkle. hime rose animated gif

victoria got the handmade rose and violin rosette

Handmade: Rosette of Silk, Lace & Roses

classic lolita rose lace and ribbon rosette

I don’t know what happened, but I have been possessed with gluing artificial flowers onto anything and everything lately. Actually I do know what happened. Misako’s visit to NY and latest trends in Gothic Lolita fashion made their mark on me. In particular a departure from over-the-top sweet to a mix of more classic styling but with the introduction of more pastels into what was previously dominated by jewel tones. That and the many many floral hair accessories that are everywhere now even in other fashion style trends.

I recently picked up Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Some Day of Ranunculus, a print from last summer. It was modeled in last year’s AnimeNEXT fashion show but at the time didn’t wow me. This March, I found the Lycia JSK version in the Harajuku Closet Child and promptly brought it home. Like I said, what I am drawn to now is changing. Ironically the plan is to wear it to this year’s AnimeNEXT – today! But I needed a little something extra to complete my coordinate.

kimono fabric scraps and silk flowers diy

I was amazed at how quick this came together. One morning while enjoying my coffee I pulled all the pink and cream trims lying around and drafted the layout. Pulled a gold silk from my collection of kimono fabric scraps to make the yo-yo. Then on the weekend I hand-stitched a little cream lace and added the big pink bead. Had to be careful when stitching the pink lace to the base so as to keep the nice pleated shape. From that point it was all up to the glue gun.

accessories to match baby some day of ranunculus

We are up bright and early to hit the con today. Kimura U is going to be a guest model in the fashion show this year. Very exciting. So ta for now.

P.S. I’m still trying to figure our why a dress whose name includes ranunculus is covered in roses…

Saturday Style: Rain, Roses & Robins

rain drops and roses otome kei coordinate

Funny day yesterday.  The weather couldn’t make up its mind if it should be sunny or rainy.  So it did both.  I had a healthy morning of errands to run so wanted something comfortable to muck about in.  I made this otome kei style dress a little more than a year ago.  It was perfect for the occasion.  Soft and easy going.  Long sleeves but not too hot for a chilly summer morning.  Bright colors on a gray base, not unlike the sun fighting against the gray rain clouds.

rain drop and roses photoshop brushes

deviantART Photoshop Brushes:  Sagakure Roses + Neveryph-Stock Rain Drops

I’m still looking for a good way to mimic purikura in Photoshop.  Which means spending a lot of time researching brushes.  I downloaded these two which coordinated well with my Saturday Style.  I like how the two used together made it look like it is raining roses.

costume jewlery robin ring pink gold

Found this adorable robin ring in the St. Louis airport of all places.  It reminds me so much of the costume jewelry that Avon sold in the 1970’s.  If Avon made it, the robin’s red breast probably would swing open to reveal a lip gloss.  Man I miss their cute stuff.

saturday style lolita rain umbrella

The pink frilly umbrella is a recent acquisition.  Part of a group buy from Taobao.  The material is a bit thin but the size of the canopy is wonderful.  Wishing I had ordered a white one too now.

rainy day cute coordinate

I think this made-by-me dress looks so much better once coordinated.  On the dress form it is cute but doesn’t really come to life.  Very happy I can show it to you in a more playful state.

otome kei roses cutsew onepiece pink

The hem is my favorite part.  Just a little touch of lace.  Not too much which keeps it slightly more grown up when paired with  the right items.  Angelic Pretty’s Royal Chocolate purse for example makes the coordinate more refined.  If I had gone with say a pink canvas tote it would have been younger and more casual looking. {Yes I tried 2 pink totes and a pouchette before settling on Royal Chocolate.}

bodyline pink tea party shoes

To finish off the look I mixed in a pair of pink over the knee socks from Target {yep Target} and a pair of pink tea party shoes from Bodyline.  So there you have it; roses and robins and rain drops.