Baby the Stars Shine Bright Fashion Show – Part 1

welcome to the btssb fashion show

The ever lovely Grace braved a 3 hour train ride then joined me for another hour and half by car to make it down to AnimeNext on Saturday.  We were determined to see the Baby the Stars Shine Bright fashion show.  Well worth the journey.  The show was stunning.  Best of all, I love that the models are locals (mostly) from the J-Fashion scene in the Tri-State area.  Real girls with a real love for lolita.  That passion resonated on stage.

Somehow our loli-posse managed to score front row seats.  Yay!  Not so yay is the bad hair day and derp face I was making.  I look like a granny in a bow ( ̄へ ̄)

btssb fashion show front row seats

Now on to the show!  The show kicked off with Alice and the Pirates and concluded with Baby.  And who better to make the first grand entrance other than MC Melod¥ Doll herself!

Alice and the Pirates

mermaid in the jewelry box

Mermaid in the Jewelry Box (宝石箱のマーメイド柄) in Cream

ap trump alice onepiece

Trump Alice in Saxe Blue

ap clockwork aristo kitty

Clockwork Aristo Kitty (時計じかけのおすましキャット柄) in Black

ap white rabbit salopette

White Rabbit Salopette (時計うさぎのサロペット) in Camel

ginger doll jumper skirt and cape

Ginger Doll (ジンジャードール) in Black

alice and the pirates mens clothing

albert jacket and lace noir dress

Albert Jacket (アルバートジャケット) and Lace Noir Dress (レースノワールドレス) in Black

That concludes the Alice and the Pirates runway.  Will continue with the Baby runway in Part 2.