Dassai Junmai Daiginjo Sake

Had an absolutely spectacular night at the Dassai X Megu event in NYC.  Sakurai-san, the Kuramoto (Sake Brewery Owner,) is the most charming young man.  He is the 4th generation owner of the honorable Dassai and Asahi Shuzo Brewery.  A wealth of knowledge about his subject matter is equally matched with his passion for the art that is sake brewing.

the polishing of rice grains for making sake

An excerpt from Kateigaho magazine featuring Dassai.

Dassai 39

This sake is my new love.  I am not very articulate about describing sake or wines, but I enjoyed that Dassai was dry with only a subtle touch of sweetness.  It had a consistent taste – it stays on your tongue and doesn’t waiver.  Very clean and refreshing taste.  I’ll need to stop by Sakagura and also Mitsuwa to check out the price.  As it is a premium Junmai Daiginjo, my Life’s Sweet Essential #4 – Money might be taking a bit of a hit soon.

Sake Soap!

soap made from sake-kasu, lees left over after sake production

Life’s Sweet Essential – Shelter got a surprise perk too.  Received a bar of Dassai Sekken Junmai Daiginjo Soap!  It is made from sake-kasu, which I learned are the deposits and residuals of yeast left over after sake production.  I am told this is the best thing ever for getting lovely young and fresh skin – yay!  So good to see that even the residuals from the process can be turned into something so useful.  And look at that uber-kawaii otter on the bar of soap  <*)) >>=<

The story behind the brand’s name is adorable too.  Here is a quote from their website:

The name of our sake, Dassai, means “otter festival,” and the origins convey much of what we are about. Part of the name refers to an ancient name for the region here in Yamaguchi Prefecture, as long ago there were many otters frolicking in the nearby rivers. Otters will lay out the fish that they catch on the shore, almost as if they are showing them off in a festival. This led to references to “otter festivals” in ancient poems. But there is more…

Be sure to read the rest of the tale on the Dassai site!

A little embarrassed to say that what stood out about the food at Megu was the wasabi cheesecake that was served for dessert.  It was a really interesting mix of sweet with a punch of heat.

photo of Sakurai, wasabi cheesecake, asumi saito, and me

Kazuhiro Sakurai | Wasabi Cheesecake at Megu | Me and Asumi Saito (photo taken by Sakurai-san)

Before I sign off – I want to give a heartfelt thank you to Sakurai-san; Asumi Saito, the sales representative for Dassai; and to Chizuko Kiikawa-Helton, from Sake Discoveries who helped plan the event.  (Chizuko-san wore a smashing Okinawa Bingata Kimono that was so cute.)  Domo arigato gozaimasu!!!

Sweet Dreams, Sheri