Saturday Style: Wa-Lolita in the Park

mix and match of various lolita and kimon styles

Want to treat you today with a Saturday Style post – even though it is Sunday. Surprised myself last week when I realized it was my first time attending Japan Day in Central Park. There had always been one conflict or another keeping me from it in the past. Being determined this year, the minute we confirmed attendance, I knew exactly what to wear. In another moment of realization, I was bummed out to think it has been two summers since I made it. According to the metrics for my blog it is my top project post of all time. So here it is back by popular demand – the wa lolita yukata blouse.

Many dear readers have asked for the pattern and I am sorry I’ve had to disappoint. I dream of taking classes at FIT one day to help advance my self-taught skills. Until then, if you know of anyone in the Tri-State area who knows how to create a PDF pattern from a designer’s muslin – PLEASE LET ME KNOW (∗ᵕ̴᷄◡ᵕ̴᷅∗)՞

jane marple paper doll necklace

I’ve said it before, styling wa lolita is tough. It can go really wrong really quickly. In the week before Japan Day I poured over copies of Kimono Hime and Googled Lolita Kimono variations. A Jane Marple necklace of all things was my muse for the look. It has a paper dolly and her dress. The vintage feel and color became my jumping off points. To match the yukata fabric I mixed in a neutral skirt from Fan Plus Friend and a peter pan collar blouse. The orange obi was a Kyoto find during last year’s trip. All that was missing was a statement hair piece.

Wa Lolita Straw Hat

straw boater hat remade into a kitchy kimono accessory

Its been insanely hectic at work so I didn’t really think making something was an option. But thanks to speed and efficiency of hot glue, managed to make a new straw hat to complete the look. The rule of three is something I stick to often. The obi and necklace had orange in them so this hat needed to as well. I pulled some of my favorite scraps of kimono fabric to make circular medallions instead of a traditional hat band. Backed each one using a think interfacing so that the hot glue hopefully will not damage the delicate fabric. From a preservation perspective, given more time, I probably would have sewn them directly to the hat instead of using the glue.

The yukata ume blossoms have been in a drawer for ages. Luckily, a few years back I had a spell where I made hundreds of them, which made this a huge time saver for the project. All I needed to do was add a few orange seed beads to create harmony. Mix in some laces and some faux flowers and Bob’s your uncle. Project complete.

Japan Day

A lot of people had to back out from the meet. The festival falls on Mother’s Day which I am sure was the challenge. But a few of us still found each other amongst the massive crowd. We spent a lovely afternoon chatting away about everyone’s background in the arts. It was the most relaxed afternoon I have had in ages. While I might have graduated from art school 2 decades before the rest we all had a common bond that brought the conversation together. There is even talk of getting together for a sketching meet later this summer. What a charming idea.

relaxing on the hill in central park

Top Right Photo by Adel | Bottom Photo by Lucy

P.S. Apparently my coordinate was a big hit. So many people asked for photos. Found out that a snap of it ended up in a local Japanese paper called the Daily Sun!!

Saturday Style: Rain, Roses & Robins

rain drops and roses otome kei coordinate

Funny day yesterday.  The weather couldn’t make up its mind if it should be sunny or rainy.  So it did both.  I had a healthy morning of errands to run so wanted something comfortable to muck about in.  I made this otome kei style dress a little more than a year ago.  It was perfect for the occasion.  Soft and easy going.  Long sleeves but not too hot for a chilly summer morning.  Bright colors on a gray base, not unlike the sun fighting against the gray rain clouds.

rain drop and roses photoshop brushes

deviantART Photoshop Brushes:  Sagakure Roses + Neveryph-Stock Rain Drops

I’m still looking for a good way to mimic purikura in Photoshop.  Which means spending a lot of time researching brushes.  I downloaded these two which coordinated well with my Saturday Style.  I like how the two used together made it look like it is raining roses.

costume jewlery robin ring pink gold

Found this adorable robin ring in the St. Louis airport of all places.  It reminds me so much of the costume jewelry that Avon sold in the 1970’s.  If Avon made it, the robin’s red breast probably would swing open to reveal a lip gloss.  Man I miss their cute stuff.

saturday style lolita rain umbrella

The pink frilly umbrella is a recent acquisition.  Part of a group buy from Taobao.  The material is a bit thin but the size of the canopy is wonderful.  Wishing I had ordered a white one too now.

rainy day cute coordinate

I think this made-by-me dress looks so much better once coordinated.  On the dress form it is cute but doesn’t really come to life.  Very happy I can show it to you in a more playful state.

otome kei roses cutsew onepiece pink

The hem is my favorite part.  Just a little touch of lace.  Not too much which keeps it slightly more grown up when paired with  the right items.  Angelic Pretty’s Royal Chocolate purse for example makes the coordinate more refined.  If I had gone with say a pink canvas tote it would have been younger and more casual looking. {Yes I tried 2 pink totes and a pouchette before settling on Royal Chocolate.}

bodyline pink tea party shoes

To finish off the look I mixed in a pair of pink over the knee socks from Target {yep Target} and a pair of pink tea party shoes from Bodyline.  So there you have it; roses and robins and rain drops.

Saturday Style: Muji Maiden

saturday style muji maiden

The gaggle of shoppers on Greenwich Avenue had no idea what hit them today.  Had my fringe trimmed at Hopscotch and then made my way up to Starbucks to meet my buddy.  All this in my red, white and blue stripped MUJI onepiece.  Stood out like a sore thumb.  And really didn’t care.

I am a total sucker for baggy dresses.  I mixed in a lace collar from Wonder Rocket, black leggings also from Muji, patent ballet platforms from Asos, and a black Lacoste tote bag.  Well and I couldn’t resist topping it off with my DIY sailor bow to show off the fresh bangs.

rilakkuma bonjour band aids

But the piece that made the outfit was my matching Rilakkuma French bandaids!  So cute!  The perfect cure for boo-boos.

P.S. Picked out new glasses today.  So very excited.  Finally found frames in pink!!! Can’t wait to pick them up.