Handmade: Cherry Bonbon Cutsew One Piece

otome kei cherry cutsew one piece dress

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When summer rolls around you want simple pieces in your wardrobe that you can just pull on and go. Easy breezy dresses with simple accessories are great to beat the heat. While taking inventory in my closet I realized cute and comfortable dresses were lacking. Sure there are lots of dresses, but not the type that you can slip into and pop off.

The first brand that comes to mind for relaxed cute is Milk. I was aiming for a one piece dress that would fit nicely in their summer line up. A statement element like the bold cherries with a bib collar for a focal point. This is sure to become my new favorite dress.

harajuku cute cherry dress milk inspired

After moving to the new house I made a pledge to not buy more fabric until I made a dent in what I already have. Now, how was I to refuse this cotton jersey covered in big juicy cherries when it showed up on my Etsy dash? The fabric is white and lightweight so I lined the entire piece in a equally light gray jersey so as to avoid needing a camisole and slip.

Would have added more pintucks, however I was recycling a free t-shirt I got from a work event. It was a great quality cotton but not something I would ever wear out. So I cut off the bottom portion of the shirt to make the bib. Maybe could have squeezed in two more tucks but not positive. The cotton rose lace I have been holding onto waiting for the perfect project. Turns out this was it – he he.

Project Complete: Kimono Fabric Chevron Pillow

An alternative title for this post could be, “The 20 Week DIY Pillow Madness.”  Yes, start to finish, this pillow actually took me 20 weeks to finish.  Phew.  But I knew what I was in for when I started.  I haven’t done applique before and am certain an expert wouldn’t take even a fraction of that time; even with a day job.  Regardless, here it is finally finished.  There are so many things I would do differently.  I would say I am 88% satisfied with the end result.  The sheer joy of it being done might add a few more percentage points.

kimono diy decorative pillow

Project Recap

You can check out the steps I followed up to this point with these links:
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Update 5: Applique Taking Shape
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Update 1: Pattern for Perfect Corners
Kickoff: Anthro & West Elm Inspiration

Taking it to the finish line is illustrated below:
 chevron applique how to add pillow piping pillow cording trim diy pillow sewing tips  how to make a pillow

If you are interested in more detailed instructions for making your own decorative pillows, I think this blog’s tips are pretty helpful.