40×Tokyo: Alice Cafe

40 x Tokyo

T-minus 37 days and counting.  Today’s birthday trip wish is to eat at an…

Alice Cafe (アリス)

The best advice in the Matrix?  Yep, follow the White Rabbit.  For me I hope to follow him to one of the several Alice Cafes in Tokyo.  I am not particularly bookish so when I do like a novel or story it ends up holding a very prestigious place on my bookshelf.  Alice happens to retain one of those prized positions.  In addition, it is thanks to Alice that I came to learn of the Japanese alternative fashion – lolita. I don’t think there is a lolita brand that hasn’t released a print or dress inspired by her.

wonderland alice cafe in tokyo

There are several locations so it will be difficult to make a choice:

  • Shibuya – features an amazing carousel inspired dining section and I think a massive stained glass wall.
  • Ginza – has a brilliant entrance where you literally enter through gigantic pages from the book. There are also incredible playing card table tops as well as tea cup booths.
  • Ikebukuro – Here you can sit inside of a chandelier!  I also like the wall of crowns that each contain a charming illustration.
  • Shinjuku – at this location you can dine inside the labyrinth!

I am pretty sure reservations will be needed for this journey down the rabbit hole.

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