Tokyo Day 6: [In Memory of] Marui One

Looking back on our trip to Tokyo, there were so many amazing adventures and wonderful moments.  I never expected that I would look back so fondly on a department store however.  But that is the case.  Marui One was dedicated entirely to alternative fashion and an epicenter of Lolita. But all good things come to pass and One closed its doors on 25 September 2013.  So, it is with joy that I got to visit there and sadness that it is no more, that I present you with this photo journey.

tokyo day 6 shinjuku marui one department store

The department store featured 7 floors.  Not uncommon, the shops really frown upon photos and so almost all of them post a “No Photos” sign prominently.  But what I loved about Marui One was the escalator ride.  On each floor, perfectly placed at the landing of the escalator, were displays from a popular brand residing on that level.  After I had my fill of actual shopping I rode back to the top.  Unabashedly with my camera in hand I started the ride down, snapping each display as I snaked through the ride.  It was like a kawaii theme park of sorts.  I attracted some stares, but most shoppers went about their business leaving me to my fun.

Angelic Pretty

angelic pretty whip show case

shinjuku marui one angelic pretty-spring-2013

Metamorphose Temps de Fille

metamorphose temps de fille shinjuku

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright

baby the stars shine bright shinjuku tokyo


shinjuku mamechiyo modern kimono styles

mamechiyo spring kimono yellow greenJane Marple

jane marple stripe socks silver shoes

La Pafait

la pafait pink ribbon cardigan shinjuku
la parfait pink gingham jskSayonara Marui One.  Thanks for the fun.