Project Update: Ready To Begin Applique

kimono fabric ready to applique

Making progress on the pillow.  The past couple of nights all the applique chevron pieces were prepared.  First step, iron the fusible interfacing pieces to the kimono fabric.  The best part about this is selecting which designs and colors to use.  My better-half knows all too well that I talk out loud to myself.  He kindly put up with a lot of, “if you place it this way on the fabric you get the gold flower, but over here you get the teal leaf.”

Once all the interfacing was ironed securely to the silk, moved on to trimming each piece. I left a generous seam allowance to begin with.  Once I see how the appliqueing is going I might adjust it and try to work with less.  Choose to use pinking shears in order to keep the silk from fraying and ensure the pieces still lay flat when sewn to the pillow base fabric.

Update 2: Finalizing the Pattern
Update 1:  Pattern for Perfect Corners
Kickoff:  Anthro & West Elm Inspiration