Decora, neon and monsters… oh my

There are 2 ways to experience the Monster Cafe in Harajuku. During lunchtime on a weekday we pretty much had the place to ourselves. The night crowd, based on other posts I have seen, is another story altogether. On previous trips we focused on more traditional Japanese food adventures. But this last trip we squeezed in a couple themed restaurants. While the food itself is nothing to write home about, the experience is. Sebastian doesn’t let you down when it comes to being fully immersed in his colorful world when you set foot in the Monster Cafe. You are truly transported to another realm of existence.

the carousel dance party at monster cafe in harajuku

We dined in a booth between the Bar area and the Mel-Tea Room. Its hard to pick a favorite space as they are all so colorful and unique. I liked that I had a dripping ice cream cone above me and could see the lip wall in the background. We don’t eat meat, only seafood, so ordered the few choices the menu had. Some shrimp, french fries and the sushi roll. Like I said, nothing fantastic but simple food. Everything was served with color palettes of dips which was adorable

monster cafe lunch with view of mell-tea room

Looking back, I was originally drawn to decora before I fell head-over-heels into lolita. That would be thanks to Fruits magazine and an online search for alternative uses for traditional kimono that somehow spiraled into alternative Japanese street fashion. I am grateful for the detour. My sewing was so blah back then, there was no spark, no muse. Now, I am not about to start jumping genres on you, but I do like to mix things up and play with elements of different street styles. So here is my homage to Monster Cafe and Sebastian Masuda. (more…)

New Project: Lolita Swing Coat

DIY little princess swing coat

At long last, I finally found a pattern I am happy with to begin making a sweet lolita winter coat.  A few years ago I feel in love with Baby the Stars Shine Bright’s Little Princess coat.  It is the perfect shade of pink and has just enough lace without going overboard.  Baby’s coat is made out of mostly polyester but mine will be made of wool.

I had a very fruitful pattern search on Etsy which pulled up Simplicity Pattern 4260 from the 1960’s.  It won’t be an exact match but the pattern has the right core elements.  Here are the changes I am expecting to make:

  • Lengthen the sleeves from 3/4 to full length
  • Add cuffs to the sleeves
  • Alter the collar to be a more rounded peter pan shape
  • Round the bottom corners of the pockets

The back of the Simplicity pattern I like much better than the BTSSB inspiration piece.  Baby went wild with a bustle back which I think must be a pain in the you-know-what to sit on.  And as this is a winter coat I plan on wearing it while driving and riding public transit so want to be comfortable.  Besides there is already enough to deal with the petticoat and other frou-frou trimmings going on beneath the coat.

diy winter lolita coat materials list

This will be my first time working with wool.  While I am a bit nervous I am also excited to work with a new material.  I found the wool on and the lace and ribbon all came from the NYC Fashion District.  Also planning on using a button kit but not sure how well that will work with thick wool.  We shale see.

P.S.  The wool connection also has a pink and white plaid wool… which would make an awesome short coat too!