Alteration: Emily Temple Cute Alice Parade

Time for another one of my super easy alteration projects. Broken record here, you know how much I adore the prints from Emily Temple cute, Leur Getter and Milk. And you also know the struggle with them being too tinsy. My go to trick is to convert dresses into skirts and that is what I have for you today.

altering an emily temple cute dress into a larger size skirt
I come back to this fashion fix all the time because it is so easy and the result is well worth it. The bodices of most jumperskirt style dresses don’t really have that much fabric in them relative to the overall piece. Admittedly, the bodice does usually have the details that make the piece standout however with these brands the print is what comes before anything else. The key is to use the high waisted dresses and ones with pleats or lots of gathering so that you can achieve the needed width and length of a larger size compared to the brand’s actual skirts.

While I very much want to support these brands financially, I wouldn’t recommend buying directly from the brand if you plan to do this type of alteration. Expense-wise, you will pretty much be eliminating resale value and there will be waste in fabric from the original garment. Personally I find ways to use up the left over scraps in small accessories, but I have never been able to 100% recycle the remaining bits into other projects.

Ripped Apart a Perfectly Good Skirt

bodyline skirt transformation

So you might be asking, what’s up?  Didn’t you just buy that skirt not too long ago? And the answer is, yep.  But I think this skirt is destined for something a bit different from its original purpose.  Stay tuned, more to follow…