Tokyo Day 5: Japanese Breakfast Feast

Since it is taking me a while to get back into the swing of blogging after the move, and being able to sew again is a few weeks off, I wondered what to post about.  Then a little voice inside reminded me there is a mountain of photos from Tokyo begging to be shared. So without further ado I give you Tokyo Day 5.

When I last left off, we toured the one-and-only Tsukiji Market, taken a brief stroll through Harajuku, experienced a truly luxurious meal at Aoyagi, soked in the beauty of Gora Kadan onsen, and ate ourselves sick on an incredible kaiseki dinner.

Which brings us to day 5.  I was starting to get the impression that someone would need to roll me onto the plane to get back home.  The amount of food that was flowing my direction was outrageous!  And the ryokan breakfast that was about to unfold was climactic.

day 5 hot springs onsen bath

Before breakfast there was enough time to soak a few times in the onsen, start packing for the return trip, and I even curled up like a cat in the small reading nook and caught up on the interwebs.  We then broke down and made a call to Taka-san for some coffee out of desperation.  Next time we visit we will be sure to plan ahead for that.  We are both rubbish without that first cup of joe everyday.

The Feast

After being served coffee and a glass of orange juice, our breakfast began with the arrival of a curious object.  Taka-san quietly placed a delicate wooden box on the table along with some sugars and porcelain pot of shoyu.  The moment were heard the fusuma slide closed behind him, we were possessed with curiosity. “What the heck is in there?  It’s nori!”  This simple yet elegant box had a small compartment on top for strips of nori and a section below for a heating element to keep the nori crisp.  This is why I am so enamored by Japanese design.  Form and function. Just perfect!

day 5 asagohan nori crisper

But the curiosity of the box was only the beginning.  Surprise! A huge vegetable salad arrived next.  “Salad for asagohan?” ほんとに!{For real?}  Hey, why not.  I knew that Japanese breakfasts would be a far departure from what is normal in the US, but admittedly I wasn’t expecting salad (O_O)

asagohan salad for breakfast honto ni

It was an explosion of food next. Amazing!

day 5 asagohan at gora kadan

kaiseki flowerbed asagohan breakfast

And respectfully, the breakfast was superior to the dinner the night before.  I am not sure if it was different chefs or something else.  But the breakfast blew the previous meal away.  Our absolute favorite was the soft tofu, to the right of the grilled sweet fish.  Melt in your mouth does not do justice to describing it.  The ayu was spectacular.  And hidden in a lidded bowl was a charming collection of tofu items representing sakura in reflection of spring.  While the cherry blossoms had already fleeted outside, we were able to enjoy their spirit during our meal.

ryokan kaiseki seasonal cusine spring

Juicy Cherries for Spring

As a little treat to myself, I splurged this week.  Purchased Baby the Stars Shine Bright new spring print. It has a, ahem, rather questionable title – Cherish My Juicy Cherry.  Don’t get me started!  The name has plenty of commentary across the online community.  The crew at Tokyo Rebel, NYC’s Lolita bastion, put it the most polite, “This print series from Baby proves both that the company has a sense of humor about their series titles and that they still do make straight sweet Lolita prints in traditional sweet colorways.”

Once I got over the name, I fell head-over-heels for the print.  I am a bit old school when it comes to lolita styles, which might have to do with, oh I don’t know, the fact that I am not the youngest follower of the fashion. My real passion though is for over-the-top sweet lolita.  Clearly I don’t believe the fashion has an age limit, or I wouldn’t wear it, but I have been hesitant to  strut a full on OTT look.  This print could change that.

Hurry postman, hurry, and bring the goodies home to me:

  • 136★220 Cherish My Juicy Cherry Candy JSK  – in sax
  • 136★816 Cherish My Juicy Cherry OTK Socks – in sax
  • 136★919 Cherish My Juicy Cherry Ribbon Headbow – in sax
  • Antaina Tea Parties – in red

Sweet Dreams, Sheri




P.S.  This will be my first time ever wearing a blue print.  Could have very easily gone for the pink version… but why not live a little.



Hanami & Flexibility

March served up a valuable reminder about the importance of being flexible.  Even the best of plans need to be agile.  I had high hopes of blogging every week, getting a fresh coat of paint up in the bathroom, reorganizing the bookshelves, and so so many other things.  But between work, school, and apparently trying for the world’s record for longest cold – life had other plans in mind.

And with Spring making an early debut, it was all a very good reminder to live in the moment.  To see the beauty in the fleeting of time and live life to the fullest no matter how mundane the task is.  Truly the secret to a very rich life.

Hanami Sakura Blossoms

The first of this year's cherry blossoms at BBG.

Hanami, the Japanese tradition of flower viewing this time of year, epitomizes being in the moment.  The blossoming of the cherry blossoms usually last one or two weeks at best.  The perfect excuse to slow down, take a deep breath, and simply enjoy Spring’s splendor.

ducks and sakura at the garden

Several year’s had past since my last visit to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.  And so yesterday my better half and I put aside our carefully laid out weekend plans to dash off and see the Sakura.  The Japanese Garden has the first shocks of bright pink.  Cherry Esplanade is patiently waiting to provide the crescendo for the season.

japanese lantern rabbit carving

We are thinking of heading back in a couple of weeks to celebrate the Easter holiday.  But between now and then I am certain to be more aware of my surroundings.  I hope you and your loved ones are also able to gather together and celebrate Spring’s ephemeral beauty.

Sweet Dreams, Sheri