Birds of a Feather – Flocking to Swan Fashion

Its funny how you can see something all the time but without really noticing. And then something happens and boom, “hey, check that out!” This is what just happened to me with swans. The heat is on in NY and I was daydreaming about a nice ride in a swan boat on a cool lake. Then I remembered there was a swan in the RED Valentino email campaign a couple weeks ago. And that lead to remembering that Emily Temple cute did a cute swan dress once. And didn’t Milk do something? Oh yeah, Metamorphose always has swans…

milk, red valentino and kobi levi swan fashion coordinate

Now I am seeing swans everywhere. Many designs are very literal interpretations while others are more whimsical. A little Aesop fairy tale and fantasy versus harsh black, white and orange graphic treatments.

emily temple cute, katie, little twin stars, and q-pot swan clothing and jewlery

I am still dreaming of that swan paddle boat ride but will have to settle for a gin and tonic or something to break the heat. Or if I can convince the boy, would love to translate this swan cream puff recipe. Instead of the traditional cream filling, am imagining it stuffed with French vanilla ice cream!

Tokyo Spring Trends: Cherries

from liz lisa to swimmer, jane marple to swan kiss its all cherries for springemily temple cute, jane marple, milk, ank rouge and himitsu by syrup all offer you cherries this spring

In curating the latest for spring, when it came to cherries there were so many choices it was hard to pick my favorites. While trying to keep only to Japanese brands, couldn’t bring myself to exclude the adorable wedge sandals from Mod Cloth. Look how sweet they are! He he, and when compiling the Gingham mood board, it was clear that these two trends go hand-in-hand. So start picnic season early this year and pull on a cherry print to celebrate the return of spring.