Follow Your Heart

The snow is falling and we are tucked up inside today.  Neither of us are big sports fans but we figured any excuse to celebrate is a good one.  So for Super Bowl Sunday we are making a massively fancy Indian dinner which will be followed by a Naruto anime marathon.

The weather is making me nostalgic for chilly days as a kid spent making hand made valentines.  The classic lace doily and glitter combinations come to mind.  I liked simplicity but with a little sparkle. Then I remembered this charming girl I met in San Francisco last year.  She hand sewed felt hearts all higglety pigglety to a pair of tights for her valentine coordinate.  The tights had such charm and a vintage feel.

valentines hearts in fashion

Since the days of handing out heart felt sentiments with classmates has long passed, I am thinking of making something understated that I can wear to work this year for Valentine’s Day.  There are a lot of sweet and DIY-able inspirations tucked away in my Pinterest boards. Right now a heart patched cardigan is top of the list.

Credits: (1-a beautiful mess) (2-honestly wtf) (3-shopflattery on etsy) (4-theiceberg & janitors) (5-modcloth)