Tokyo Spring Trends: Ruffled Pillow Tote Bag

kokokim, katie, and himitsu by syrup all have these popular tote bags

more cute frill bags from syrup, katie and fint

Ruffle pillow tote or frill tote bag, which ever way you translate it this is the super hot, must have, bag for spring. Its simple, its soft and its a whole lot of cute. I’m not sure which brand dreamed up this boudoir meets street fashion icon. However, the clear winner is Katie followed closely by Himitsu by Syrup for the sweetest and versions. I am torn between Syrup’s “Lolita” bag in pink or KOKOkim‘s satin option. If you are quick, you might still be able to snag a dazzlin frill tote in the March issue of CUTiE magazine.

Tokyo Spring Trends: Gingham

min plume, emily temple cute, spinns and poco a poco gingham fashion itemsank rouge, spinns, and dazzlin gingham options for spring

Trends like vacations are points in time. You have to enjoy them while they last. And this Spring I am so enamored by the fashion and brands that surrounded us while in Tokyo. Just had to pay tribute to it here. So so so much gingham. Crisp, refreshing, sweet and playful. Feels like every shop and every brand had something to offer in these playful and punchy checks. Lots and lots of skirts and pants, but accessories too such as Dazzlin’s clutch and Poco a Poco’s tights stand out. Its such a refreshing print that it is sure to last well into summer.  Give me a little more time and I might whip up my own gingham statement piece.