New Project: Military / Marching Band Jacket

So I went to Target this weekend to get the essentials, you know toilet paper and cleaning supplies.  But like so many other trips I came back with a ceramic origami fox, 3 bottles of nail polish and – now is where it gets interesting – a black, cotton, Converse One Star jacket.

milky chan toy march inspiration

The jacket is made from a soft jersey, is warm and appropriate for the winter months, comfortable and flattering with nice princess seams.  I immediately thought of the Toy March series by Angelic Pretty which includes a marching band inspired cutsew jacket. It is the perfect base and now just needs some finishing touches to make it lolita worthy.

I’ve put the jacket on my dress form and started playing with pink grosgrain ribbon.  Following the structure of the jacket it makes sense to trim the collar, the cuffs, the pockets, the hem, and along the seams on the front.  Next, I spent way too long on Etsy to find the perfect buttons.  There are tons of “gold shank buttons” with crowns and crests, but I couldn’t find a set in the right size that really spoke to me.  But I did land on a set that has hearts!  They are on their way and I hope they will match nicely with the design in Angelic Pretty’s Milky-chan skirt. The removable waist bow from the skirt makes a great addition to the jacket as well and will give the two pieces a cohesion when worn together.

angelic pretty inspired mock up

I already have 3 projects in queue, so needed another like I need a hole in my head.  But when inspiration strikes roll with it. It will be fun to have a one-of-a-kind piece, so in the end its all good.