Tokyo Day 3: Tsukiji Part 2

I wasn’t brave enough to get to Tsukiji market at 3am and line up in the queue in the hopes we might get to see the tuna auction.  I know it is a once in a lifetime experience, but a little jet lag and a whole lot of “that’s crazy” kept running through my head.  But all the same we did have an amazing time walking around the market.

Tsukiji Market

asumi says lets go find the tuna

fresh fish in tsukiji

inside tsukiji market tokyo

tsukiji market clams

colorful fresh fish tsukiji

tsujiki market carts

found the tuna in tsukiji

And in the end we did find a tuna!!!  It was gigantic.  The people from the shop who bought it were so friendly and one gentlemen (in the photo) spent a great deal of time chatting with us.  His English was amazing and he was telling us about the price and the different cuts of the tuna.  We took a video of them cutting the tuna, hope it turned out ok.

Now we can’t forget to pick up the knife Adi bought.  Check it out!

masamoto sushi knives tokyo

Just kidding!!!  His yanagi is a bit more manageable and will fit his suitcase fortunately.