Saturday Style: Iced Valentine

be my valentine

{skirt, necklace, bracelet – Angelic Pretty | sweater – JCrew | collar – handmade by me | boots -Ugg | leggings – Locomo}

OK, technically this is cheating. This was yesterday’s coordinate – he he he. I don’t usually get to dress up during the work week and so “being myself” is a weekend thing. But thanks to the snow storm(s) I got to work from home on Valentine’s day. This meant a perfect opportunity to get all decked out for the holiday. The snow plow finally arrived mid-day and liberated us from the house so it was off to school in my my frosted pink valentine coord. Talk about sticking out. On the walk from Grand Central to Japan Society you couldn’t miss all the pink in the sea of black New York uniforms.

alice in wonderland inspired leggings on

The main point of my outfit is the leggings.  So cute all covered in card suits – hearts, spades, diamonds and clubs. I stumbled upon these in a late night Google search for Alice in Wonderland inspired tights.  Was worried about the size but for 15 bucks + shipping was well worth the gamble.  I am 5’8.5″ which means they do ride up above my ankles when worn.  But with boots in the winter they work great!  I am thinking of ordering the white on black colorway now too ☆ミ(o*・ω・)ノ

One lump, or two?

What a treat.  I was asked for work, very last minute, to participate in meetings with a vendor out in San Francisco.  And the timing could not be more perfect.  It puts me there right in time to enjoy Angelic Pretty’s “Angelic Valentine Tea Party.”

No sooner had I booked my flight and hotel then I  was on AP’s web site checking availability of tickets.  Received an affirmative confirmation yesterday.

Angelic Pretty Valentine

The theme is Valentine’s Day which is perfect.  (One guess as to what color I will style around.)  My only issue is that I don’t own an Angelic Pretty dress.  The reason is simple – way too small on me.  So I am going to wear the competition, Baby The Stars Shine Bright, for my main piece.  I am a bit nervous about it, feels rude.  So to make up for it, I will accessorize like there is no tomorrow with all my AP accoutrements.

Maybe later today or tomorrow I’ll pull out everything and pop it on my dressform to share the coordinate.  Very excited.

Sweet Dreams, Sheri