In Love With: Fashion Rosettes

adorable ribbon rosettes from katie, fint, and angelic prettyrosette accessories from kokokim, milk and emily temple cute

When I was little, every 4th of July there were a sort of mini Olympics held at the country club where my grand parents lived. It was the highlight of the summer. And ribbons were always given out for winning things like the three legged race. While I am not the competitive sort, I adored collecting those ribbons.  They are long gone now, but I am sure they have something to do with my current addiction to rosettes. I also love patches and badges – so adding lace and ribbons to them is a natural jumping off point.

I am finding it hard to believe that I didn’t browse the Katie site more often until now. How have I missed out on all this cuteness?!?! If one had an award for rosettes it has to go to Katie. Second place? Well, I am going to give that to Angelic Pretty. While not in my mood board, third place goes to Nile Perch. Their Its a Girl and Its a Boy rosettes are infamous in Harajuku snaps.